huge ranged rockets op?

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huge ranged rockets op?

Post by Sinisa3games » 27 Sep 2018, 13:58

i think that huge ranged rockets (like ripple rockets) is overpowered since you can build/produce 50 of them and kill enemies easily, even dragon tracks 2 gauss cannons ( most hp i think) is easily killed even if a single rocket scratches it.

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Re: huge ranged rockets op?

Post by andrvaut » 27 Sep 2018, 15:39

research time ~30m

ripple :
cost $325
dps to Mantis Tracks 4.6
Hit Points 1240

x50 riple -- cost 16k, dps 250

Mantis Tracks Twin assault canon :
cost 367
dps to ripple 150+
Hit Points 3782

x40 tanks -- cost 15k, dps 7.5k and more Hit Points

tank win, ripple rip
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