how to play 3v1 skirmish valley? (hard nullbot)

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how to play 3v1 skirmish valley? (hard nullbot)

Post by impartial » 30 Aug 2015, 02:52

an interesting map, i did a quick forum search and found a topic related to it but it didn't give thaaat much information

is there a specific build order/rushing for oils/building structures outside an enemy base thingo i have to do to win a 3v1 sk valley? or is there some other magic that I should know? I know generally a t1 no bases build order and research order but not well enough past mg/light cannon viper half track i normally use..

also, i saw that you can send units by selecting them and left/right clicking on the minimap (on a video for 3.1.0). does that still apply?

some help would be appreciated :augh: thanks!

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Re: how to play 3v1 skirmish valley? (hard nullbot)

Post by RehigaDewa » 14 Jun 2016, 16:52

well i know your problem.. same like me when i play warzone for first time..

you need rush to nearest enemy + Get oil quickly.. ( How ? )
Do : FRCFR and then power plant ( you will get extra truck before get new tank )
use this truck to capture middle oil and nearest oil.. and then your grup of machinegun viper wheel .. strike to the enemy

Tip : Make sure you destroy at last 1 base before minute 10. it will decrease their power drasticly

if you wana contactme on warzone .. my user name : Rehiga , New Paradigm , The Project

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