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Re: The *NEW* Warzone guide. Done with RED units V2.2RC1

Posted: 29 May 2009, 19:35
by themousemaster
So, on to option 2. A tip: load up your Medium-cannon Cobra halftracks into your transport and launch them, and move them to the valley-repairbay when they land. Trust me.

Move to the East edge of the map, and push north. You will run into a Scav base so puny I won't even bother taking a screenshot of it.

Move your trucks and bombard tanks up with you once the scav case is taken care of (it won't count as "being taken care of" until you get the guard tower a screen and a half to the west).

After removing the scavs, you should be in this position:
Alpha11 - northern shellin.JPG
You'll notice I've set up a repair bay and sensor, which I've attached my Bombards to. As soon as you do that, the 4 Bunker Buster tanks will go after your valley-repairbay. Your medium cannon tanks will be sufficient to stop them; place them between the tanks and the repair bay, as a Bunker buster rocket does almost no damage to vehicles (though if it goes down, it wont be the worst thing to ever happen, just move them to the northern repair bay afterwards).

When your Bombards are done with the buildings that sensor can see, move your Heavy units west.
Alpha11 - spotting.JPG
Once you have "seen" all 3 towers on the cliff, take a single shot at one (with a lancer preferably), and then move your group back out quickly (odds are the front tank has been hit hard anyway). After this, NP will send their group to meet YOU, rather than holding back by their defended LZ. How much of their group may vary (once I got their whole team, once just their bombards came), but in any case, less tanks = easier stage.

Around now your Heavy cannon reseearch should be done. Redesign your medium cannon tank to be a Heavy Cannon Python Tracks, and then recycle-and-rebuild your Medium Cannon tanks. Once they are all rebuilt, fly them into the stage (so that when the stage ends, they will be near your LZ next stage).

You can try and "creep" your bombards across the north of the map, but that shouldn't be necessary; unlike option 2 above, if you press your main group along the north valley, they will only come under fire from the 3 northern lancer towers at once, which will NOT kill them outright. Be sure to set them to retreat at medium damage though. NP may or may not decide to send their remaining tanks to interefere with you removing their towers; if they do, pull your units back out of range of the lancer towers, and deal with the tanks first (focusing on the lancers on wheels).

Whether you deal with them in the valley, or push all the way to their LZ, you'll get the "all clear" message as soon as the NP are out of mobile units.

Take just long enough for your new Heavy Cannon tanks to arrive, and then move your units back to your LZ to end the stage. (You'll notice I *still* haven't told you to make your mortars heavy yet...)


Re: The *NEW* Warzone guide. Done with RED units V2.2RC1

Posted: 30 May 2009, 04:52
by Buginator
Zarel wrote:A note: Once this guide is finished, it will be in my guide.
Oh good, so then I don't have to edit whatever I am supposed to edit... :3

Re: The *NEW* Warzone guide. Done with RED units V2.2RC1

Posted: 02 Jun 2009, 23:35
by themousemaster
Quick update:

Since I couldn't get to the forums the last few days, I didn't keep going with the campaign and guide (I am doing them side by side, rather than doing a whole stage and writing about it later).

That said, MY weeklong vacation is over. So the speed with which I keep getting more stages out will decrease.

But I have not forgotten, don't worry :P

Re: The *NEW* Warzone guide. Done with RED units V2.2RC1

Posted: 03 Jun 2009, 19:14
by Rabidchaos
Just some clarification about 7.5: How do we satisfy the flashing dots? I think once or twice they (both red and green) went solid when i rolled a pair of MG halftracks over it, but I haven't been able to repeat it consistently. Other times, they seemed to go away after a period of time (just red, though). Last time I tried, I cleared the map but timed out anyways.

To avoid going into 7.5 too early, have you tried killing the sensor tower but leaving the scav base? They take about 30 sec to kill and you don't have to worry about your fortifications killing the tower too early.

About the delaying line of MG towers: if you make them 2 deep and in a shallow curve 8 or 10 wide, they COMPLETELY stop the attack force in the beginning of 7. Yeah, I let my cash tick up to around 20k when I was supposed to upgrade my power generators... I similarly fortified the oil rig near there, but it wasn't needed.

Have you ever tried using a mobile sensor? You use sensor towers often, but to me it seems clunky assigning mortars to them then unassigning them...

Thanks for the guide! Makes my tries at it a /whole/ lot more efficient (plus I know which buildings to avoid now so I can draw out the stage).

Re: The *NEW* Warzone guide. Done with RED units V2.2RC1

Posted: 04 Jun 2009, 05:04
by themousemaster
Since this will all be integrated into a different guide, I guess there's no harm in breaking up the posts by answering you. :P
Rabidchaos wrote:To avoid going into 7.5 too early, have you tried killing the sensor tower but leaving the scav base? They take about 30 sec to kill and you don't have to worry about your fortifications killing the tower too early.
The very north scav base doesnt count towards the objective. Leaving it accomplishes nothing, and start of next stage, it will be gone. There are a few other sensors earlier in the stage you could leave, but that makes the "mortar their plateau from the east" harder in the long run.
Rabidchaos wrote:About the delaying line of MG towers: if you make them 2 deep and in a shallow curve 8 or 10 wide, they COMPLETELY stop the attack force in the beginning of 7.
Yes, I've overloaded the MG towers there as well; I had one run where I had 40 strong, and they held. But I'm trying to avoid the "mass extreme" in my guide ;p. You *WILL* have to fortify that area with better gear later anyway... but, all things said, this is a guide, not a handhold. If it worked for you, great :P
Rabidchaos wrote:Have you ever tried using a mobile sensor? You use sensor towers often, but to me it seems clunky assigning mortars to them then unassigning them...
Sometimes. Thing with the towers is, they don't die in 2 hits if they get to close to something. Not so much a problem in Alpha, but once VTOLS start showing up in Beta, I find the sensor towers mroe useful. You haven't seen my writeup of Alpha 12 yet though ;p.
Rabidchaos wrote:Just some clarification about 7.5: How do we satisfy the flashing dots?
The green dot is hard to tell. "building stuff on the plateau" is rather vague, but when in doubt, just put up anything. cyborg factoires, mortars, pillboxes... The Red Dots stay on the map until the last unit of that landing party has been killed, AND about 60 seconds pass (which makes it kind of confusing, since you'll have like 4 or 5 dots that seem to stay there way too long, and then... pop! stage is over). The "going solid" happens if you directly click your mouse pointer on it, whether you have vehicles attached or not.

Re: The *NEW* Warzone guide. Done with RED units V2.2RC1

Posted: 07 Jun 2009, 19:06
by themousemaster

Given what the Project Leader says at the opening to this stage, it sounds like this will be a hold-the-line stage. nope :P. Also, notice that 2 hour timer? Sweet. But don't get complacent. There's a lot to do.

This will be the final alpha stage, just so you know. Get ready for NP to pull out all the stops. Luckily, the way this stage is designed, we have a couple tricks up our sleeves...

Start by loading up 3 trucks and 7 combat units (Cannons and Lancers, leave the HMGs for now), and heading off. Upon landing, get your next 10 combat units (or 9 combat units and the commander) loaded up and flying ASAP, and get a repair up even faster. Once the repair bay is done, scout slightly NE, and you will find water; scatter some Lancer bunkers against the shore edge, and move your combat units to the East of your LZ to prepare. You should first run into 4 tanks, 3 mortars, and a sensor; but your starting 7 should be able to handle them (retreating at high damage, of course), giving your trucks just long enough to have the bunkers set up.

During this skirmish, 4 more tanks and 3 more mortars will approach from just north of where this skirmish is taking place (NOT north from your LZ). Combined with the other forces, this might pose a problem; but you should have 2-3 Lancer Bunkers up by the timer they arrive. Don't hesitate to pull back a bit to allow them to fire as well. During this fight, your reinforcements should land; get them into the fight immediately, and send the rest of your direct fire units and trucks in the next load (leave the mortars at home for the moment). At some point, Hover tanks should approach from the north (possibly sporadically); if your bunkers are set up, they will pose no threat. (A bunker-buster may be with them, but if all the others die, and only the BB is left, it won't hurt your units; and no other hovers should approach for now).
Alpha12 - starting.JPG
When the fight is over, move your trucks over and set up a "wall" (as much of a wall as 2-3 spaces wide can be done with, see top left of next screenshot) where that 2nd group of tanks approached from; careful about the Lancers on the mountain though, if they fire at you, you've moved too far up. We won't be going this way, and we don't want them coming from there either. With the Northern approach covered, move east into the "insanely well positioned" enemy base (luckily, despite it's good positioning, it's actual defenses need some work; if you survive the initial Lancer Salvo.)
Alpha12 - S base.JPG
With 16 combat units (and 1 commander) set to retreat at Medium Damage, you shouldn't have too much difficulty with this base (you may wish to directly target the tank traps to prevent a massive bottleneck). Do *not* forget Push-and-Retreat tactics; this base's apprach is narrow enough to make your push bottleneck heck. Remaining NP tanks may approach from the North as this attack is underway; however, on the West, they will hit your "lancer wall", and if they come through the base, then they can just be considered another Hardpoint in front of you (I.E. don't do anything special about their presence).

The research found here is the Hovercraft (!!!). 'Bout time. Research the hover, then send in your bombard team; REDESIGN them to be Python-Hover-Bombard, recycle, and rebuild them, then ship them in again. Once they are ALL BUILT, then make a Python-Sensor-Hover, and send it in with every last unit remaining at your home base. Lastly, redesign your trucks to use Hover propulsion (whether you want to make some for this stage is up to you).

While doing this, set up a "battleline" north of the fallen base (shooting up the towers on the small islands as necessary), and get ready for the march that the rest of this stage entails.
Alpha12 - beginning the push.JPG

Re: The *NEW* Warzone guide. Done with RED units V2.2RC1

Posted: 07 Jun 2009, 19:46
by themousemaster
I'm going to be taking a lot of screenshots over the rest of this stage now; don't pay attention to my timer in these shots; since I'm just taking suicide screenshots, the time at which I take them is in no way representative of when you should be getting to those points.

First up, an overall map of the rest of the stage:
Alpha12 - map.JPG
I will be referencing the numbers I marked on this map throughtout the rest of this stage.

Also, I will not be doing a standard "do this now this" walkthrough; instead, I will reference the above Screenshot and saying what needs to be done to win this stage.

Before that, though, you should know that NP has a LOT of units (and will eventually open up an LZ as well). I will largely stop saying "tanks may do this" or "tanks may be here"; just take it as a given that at any point, a lot of vehicles/cyborgs may show up. If you should be building barracades at key points to help with this, or if there is a point where units are guaranteed AND substantial, I'll mention them.

A good strategy for this stage is to have your new Bombard-Hover squad, following that new Sensor-Hover tank, take out key areas from offshore, and then march your tanks northward. Regardless of how much of my suggestions you follow, I seriously recommend using this method.


There is a 10-pack of oil barrels on this island. Grab it for quick cash, if desired.

Alpha12 - east island.JPG
Alpha12 - west island.JPG
These 2 islands have a number of bunkers on them; both, however, can be completely bypassed by just moving a hover team up the edges of the map. I recommend ignoring them. (you can shoot the western most sensor tower as you pass by it however).

Re: The *NEW* Warzone guide. Done with RED units V2.2RC1

Posted: 07 Jun 2009, 19:56
by themousemaster
Alpha12 - 3a.JPG
Alpha12 - 3b4.JPG
Nothing special about this area. Just push through it, but be ready for 4.


As indicated in the screenshot above, there is a trap waiting on the plateau. Taht trap is a batallion of Heavy-bodied, Heavy-cannon tanks. There isn't much you can do to prepare for this (if you bomb them from offshore, they usually just then start moving south to intercept your main group). Push-and-retreat tactics should prevent you from getting flanked and suffering casualties though.

Alpha12 - 5.JPG

New Paradigm will deposit parties of 6 tanks and 4 bunker busters here every so often. You can stop these landings by killing the 5 structures, and sitting a tank on it (said tank doesn't have to stay there, just touch the concrete ground after all 5 buildings fall, and the LZ is closed). The best way to do this is with a Mortar team from offshore East; they even kindly put a ramp from the east to allow your units to get onto the platform afterwards. Shut this down as soon as possible. (the North-Western Lancer tower may be hard to spot with your sensor tank; if you can take out the other 3, just mass-rush your 10 bombards onto the platform, take the 1 lancer hit, blow it up, and get back off to go heal).

Re: The *NEW* Warzone guide. Done with RED units V2.2RC1

Posted: 07 Jun 2009, 20:05
by themousemaster
Alpha12 - 6.JPG
Nothing special about these defenses; I highlighted them separatly to alert the tactical advantage of this area.

After rolling through this wall, bring your trucks up, and put up a forward Repair bay.


There are a bazillion LC and MG bunkers in this area; If desired, you can have your Hover Mortar team take out the imprtant ones, or for that matter, all of them (thought that takes a while). Eventually, if you can get around the north part, you can use your mortars to help shell points of 8 and 10 (though I prefer to have my hovering mortars handle the east edge of the map instead).


Everything in this screenshot is just begging to be obliterated from the Hover Mortar team. Be careful about the range on the enemy mortar pits though, don't want them firing back if it can be helped :P
Alpha12 - 8.JPG

Re: The *NEW* Warzone guide. Done with RED units V2.2RC1

Posted: 07 Jun 2009, 20:20
by themousemaster
Alpha12 - 8.JPG
This base may look like nothing special, but who-boy are you in for a surprise.

NP has a dozen hover units (with some tracked ones mixed in) all stuck between and behind their factories, and many of these are LANCERS.

They WILL hurt you.

Push-and-retreat tactics are *key* here to make sure you don't lose people.

Approach from the west side; that should prevent retreating tanks from trying to go a longer route back, and getting them killed.

When the key structures (and units) are down, start removing the surrounding bunkers. They are *not all* part of the base, and eventually, you will get the "base eradicated" message.

Alpha12 - 10.JPG
After 8), this is hardly a danger. There are units that like to hide here too, but they all tend to be cyborgs. Keep pushing-and-retreating, however, to make sure a bad volley of Lancers doesn't kill anyone.

Leave either the Command Center, or the NE-most cyborg facility up to prolong the stage (neither has a tech in it).

Congrats. NP has been defeated in this sector... time for a vacation, right?


You are going to want to prepare for the furutre. The next stage will restrict you to 40 units max (trust me), so before you end this stage, make sure your entire armada only has 40 units in it.

I recommend:
  • - Your commander
    - 20 combat units (your commander should be able to support that many)
    - your 10-man Hover Mortar squad
    - 9 trucks OR 8 trucks and your hover-sensor
Your large cash stockpile? Yeah, I wouldn't worry so much about it. Update your forces completely, no matter what the cost.

Also, if you REALLY want, you can go around this board (leaving the enemy command center up) and destroy the assorted bunkers, tank traps, and walls, for a lot of free exp. MGs and LCs won't harm you that much. You should have the time.


Re: The *NEW* Warzone guide. Done with RED units V2.2RC1

Posted: 07 Jun 2009, 21:43
by themousemaster

You have 10 minutes to save a base?


Nah, don't worry, that 10 minute timer is just how long you have to load up your transport.

As you should have all your units rebuilt (to the 40-man max I said earlier), and your research done, just casually load up 9 units (I suggest full combat units, divided up between HC and Lancers) and your commander, and ship off.

Oh, and you might want to slow the game down to minimum for... most of the next stage.

Re: The *NEW* Warzone guide. Done with RED units V2.2RC1

Posted: 08 Jun 2009, 01:06
by themousemaster

I've played a lot of RTS games. Many have a "base is under attack, go help them" stage. Aside from the final stage of the "Byeond the Dark Portal" expansion to Warcraft 2, I have trouble thinking of one this intense. The Collective (your new opponents) REALLY want to end your stay in beta before it begins.

Your first group arrives, and finds...
Beta1 - start.JPG
Jesus. I'm going to assume that the Beta commander had already lost most of his units, because what he has left is rather pathetic. Only 2 of those units are worth anything, and they have ZERO experience. All in all, I recommend recycling all of the starting beta units EXCEPT FOR the trucks (alternatively, you can suicide them due north, but that;s just cruel and inhumane. Shame on you :( ).

First thing: as soon as the stage starts, even before the transport lands, have the factory start pumping out trucks. Also, send up a new batch of force EVERY TIME the timer finishes. At 5 minutes per shipment, you don't want to be caught behind when you need forces. The order isn't important; aside from the first load (your commander + 9 combat units), as long as you get your other 30 units here, you're good. After the 4th shipment... well, I'm getting ahead of myself.

And now...

All of those green X's I have in the above screenshot are things you should demolish. The northern wall so that you can expand the hole in it for easier retreat/repairing (leave the 2 actual HC towers till last, so they can provide fire if need be). The bunkers in the middle of the base really aren't necessary, and the wall in the SE of the base should be broken down and replaced with defensive towers. The 2 yellow X's will also be coming down, but from mortar fire, not your trucks. Don't worry about them.

Build structures in the areas indicated by the red and purple boxes (don't overload the AA, we'll be handling that later). Also, add some Lancer towers on the NW of the plateau to taste; indirect fire will be heavy from that side, and it's better if it hits towers instead of the factory. Bonus points if the lancer towers up there take out the Mobile Sensor unit (that will stop the mobile Bombards from hitting inside your outer perimiter; the fixed-mortars will still fire from long range though). If your towers don't get it, your MBG will have to do it right after fending off the initial tanks.

The collective have a fixed number of aircraft in this stage (5 I believe). They are going to be dead-set on your Command center. If it falls, don't worry, just rebuild it. Every time you shoot a plane down, it won't be coming back, so they are the least of your worries.
Beta1 - North.JPG
Beta1 - NW.JPG
The collective will be attacking from the north as the stage starts; a Command tank leading 3 tanks and several cyborgs. Have your MBG meet it head-on (you did have your trucks put up that repair bay right?), and you will prevail (remember push-and-retreat!), even under the fire of mortars (and that's kind of the point, better for them to be hitting your tanks than your walls).

With them down, don't wait for reinforcements; immediately keep pushing north. Your best targets are the sensor tower and command center due north; if both go down, the artillery's range will shorten substantially. If you don't have the force for this, then head NW and get just the sensor tower, and keep heading NW to the 4 mortar pits there. The collective have a lone truck on this stage, which is taking the oil derrick in the NE of the map; it will come back tot he command center area once it comes under fire. Be sure to remove it... don't want it building more sensors.

As this is going on, take care of replacing the northern wall with defensive structures; we are going to need it to hold off at least 1 collective counterattack in a minute or two. Or, specifically, exactly 7minutes and 30seconds. That neon-green circled point in the above screenshot will have a Collective force spawn at it every SEVEN minutes and THIRTY seconds, and they will head due south into your base every time.

Re: The *NEW* Warzone guide. Done with RED units V2.2RC1

Posted: 08 Jun 2009, 02:19
by themousemaster
While all the fun north is going on, you will come under attack from the SE. Hopefully, the renovating of the SE was one of the first things you had you starting trucks do (if not, swing your MBG down here, regardless of the curret state of the northern collective assets).

It's only a few units right now, but just shortly after they attack, you will get an "enemy transport detected" message, and a lot more of them are about to arrive.

Trying to get to the enemy LZ from the visible ramp would result in a bottleneck suicide. Instead...
Beta1 - LZ.JPG
You haven't attached your reinforcement group to your MBG yet, right? Good.

Place your MBG at the white circle, and your freshly landed troops at the green one. Attach all units to the MBG, set the MBG to "do not retreat", and give a move command to the very SW of the map. The combined force should absolutely stomp the collective force here, and render the LZ out of commission. And hey, you even get a tech out of it (machinegun fire rate upgrade). Reset the group to "Retreat at Medium" afterwards.

With the LZ taken, sweep your (now loaded) MBG north, decimating the oil derrick area in the NE, then heading to the enemy Command Center, and take this minibase out. Hold here for the next 7.5-minute assault force arrival, and take it out as well. Then finish sweeping west to the last enemy structures, leaving the MG bunker indicated.

There are a lot of techs to research in this stage; you start with the ability to research various AA and cannon techs, and will get MG fire rates, CB sensor towers (a modified sensor tower that rather than make attached artillery fire at specific targets, will cause attached artillery to fire at enemy artillery instead. Detection range for this tower is infinite, but for it to activate, indirect fire has to land somewhere near it), longer sensors, advanced engineering, and more.

With the stage secure, expand your base to the depression SOUTH of your current base, placing a full complement of research facilities and power plants (and upgrading them). Also recycle your repair bay, and build a 2nd factory just E of the existing one (replace the Repair Bay just SE of the new factory). You'll see why you did this MUCH later.

And yes, your money bar went way down. You are working off of Beta's money now, not Alpha's. So you are going to want to milk this stage as much as possible to recoup some of it (you'll get more later).

Before you end the stage, have a defense at the north edge of the map:
Beta1 - finishing up.JPG
The Mortar Team is where it is for a reason. Trust me (again).

Before killing the last MG bunker, detatch 9 units from your MBG (3MG, 3HC, 3Lancer), and place them, along with 1 truck, at the LZ pad.


Re: The *NEW* Warzone guide. Done with RED units V2.2RC1

Posted: 09 Jun 2009, 23:00
by themousemaster

After the excitment that was Beta1, this is your respite. In fact, the stage is so easy, you aren't even allowed to transport in reinforcements :P.

Send up the 9 combat units and 1 truck you prepared from last stage, and get goin.

Trying to drive straight through the center of the enemy line in this stage is unrecommended, but entirely possible. But, since the point of this guide is a better way to win, we'll be heading along the south edge.

Set up a Rapair bay at your landing site, and a couple bunkers just north of it. Cyborgs will approach from here, so have your tanks fend them off. Then, head your 9-tank force east.

(Please note: I will be destroying the skyscrapers as I move to get better screenshots. I recommend doing the same, lest the map be hard to see).
Beta2 - bottom right.JPG
Clear the buildings out on approach, and push into this base. Be careful of a small ridge (where the road ends going off the screen to the west), retreating units may get caught on pushing ones here. This may take 2 pushes, but we've got time. Some (4) cyborgs may show up during this, but they shouldn't pose any real threat.

Once you've cleared everything on-or-under the "2 lane highway" and made it to the SE corner, bring your truck up, and build a new repair bay. If you want a far view, put a sensor tower on the "black crater" found on the 2-lane highway just N of you. It will reveal 2 heavy and 2 medium tanks, and a lancer tower (that you've probably already seen). With your new repair bay up, you can take all 5 pretty easily.

Push north some more, and you will come to this terrain:
Beta2 - end.JPG
All you need to do to clear the stage is get a unit down the indicated ramp. You can stay "just" out of range of those cannon towers if you sneak a tank around the edge (take out the flamer bunker first though). alternately, you can make repeated pushes into the wall (and the 2 tanks and additional cyborgs by it), to clear yourself a "safe path". If your 2nd repair bay is in a good spot, this is a good (and not-really-dangerous) alternative. And it gives your units experience :cool:.

In any event, touch the "downed" units in the crater with a tank, and it's game.

Oh, and the units down there have nothing to do with what you ended Alpha with, nor are they the ones onboard if you didn't follow my advice and tried to lift off a 5th transport.


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Posted: 10 Jun 2009, 06:50
by TVR
Actually, the best strategy for Beta2 is simply to manufacture a few light-chassis 999-HP commanders and send them through all the enemy units and defences.