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Difficulty settings for campaign

Posted: 24 Apr 2020, 21:23
by nearo
Hello everyone!
I will start a campaign soon in 3.3.0, and I just got curious about the exact settings for each difficulty level. I searched for the info in the forums and in the readme files, but I only found some discussion about what those modifiers should be on insane.
So, what are the modifiers for each difficulty level? Like mission timer modifier, unit cap, damage modifier (if there is something like that), etc.
Thank for the answers in advance.

Re: Difficulty settings for campaign

Posted: 24 Apr 2020, 22:17
by Berserk Cyborg

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Easy - 1.25x
Normal - 1.00x
Hard - 0.80x
Insane - 0.67x
The above modifiers are used against some campaign script related things such as: mission times, most timers in general, power related rewards, and factory and spawn position production rates.

In both campaign and against skirmish bots it changes the damage modifiers for damage given and taken.

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Easy - 120% more damage from player, 80% received from enemy
Normal - ...
Hard/Insane - 120% more damage from enemy, 80% inflicted by player