beta 6 too hard

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beta 6 too hard

Post by Sinisa3games » 27 Sep 2018, 13:51

beta 6 is too hard for me because the commander somehow instantly went from the purple base to the end which didnt even let me get reinforcements, im somehow supposed to get past tank killers and the VTOLs plus im forced to use some puny weapons againts them. ive tried this mission about 10 times, the closest i ever got was damaging the commander a little bit

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Re: beta 6 too hard

Post by andrvaut » 27 Sep 2018, 15:45

How exactly is the mission called? (you can see in the lower left corner of the margin from the menu of orders)
In which version of the game are you going?
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Re: beta 6 too hard

Post by Nexusintruderprogram » 04 Jun 2020, 17:36

beta 6, that's the mission where the collective commander receives a shipment from nexus and your to stop him from getting out of the sector?

yea you need to send all you units to the south western side of the map crossing to force him to stay at the second base. get some trucks into the transport alongside more combat units on the 2nd transport run (maybe some AA units too) for protection from the VTOLS. but you should build AA sites along the river. if its possible find out which unit they will target and if its lucky to survive keep that unit at the back behind all your defenses you should be ok on that front, if the VTOLS target another unit after each drop off wince and repeat.

as for the main base e suggest mortar's to pummel the defenses. while your doing this the enemy will be spamming out tonn's of units making direct attacks difficult so hopefully the mortar's will deal with them to and use you units to mopp up the rest once you destroy the commander pick up the artifact he drops research it then dead back to the LZ.

also make sure you have defenses at the nearest crossing from your lz to stop enemy units compromising the lz.

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