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Campaign tech and enemy experience

Posted: 10 Jun 2018, 12:55
by nearo

I haven't found any recent topics about my questions. I hope you can help me.
So I'm playing the campaign (v2.3.9), and there are some things I'm wondering about.

1.) Do the enemy units have any experience at any point in the campaign by default? Do they gain XP if they kill your units?

2.) What techs do the enemy exactly have? For example during beta campaign the collective have a significant advantage in rocket techs against you right from the start, but IIRC the only rocket upgrade you get is a single rocket autoloader in beta3. They have a much better ROF, and I think their damage is also higher. Just think about beta5 where you get a salvo of ripple rockets in every 20-30 secs, while you have to wait a whole minute to reload yours - but also their lancers and TKs can fire twice while your units are still reloading.
I'm also curious about enemy armor ratings, so I can calculate exact DPS values.

3.) What techs do you get at the start of gamma campaign? I'm talking about the thing that your TKs have 435 damage and 9 ROF at the end of beta, and they have 700 damage and 18 ROF at the start of gamma. Also RR becomes the best artillery in terms of DPS, so I suppose you get all the rocket techs you missed in beta for free there.

Re: Campaign tech and enemy experience

Posted: 14 Jun 2018, 22:22
by nearo
nearo wrote:I'm also curious about enemy armor ratings
I just compared the in-game armor values for available bodies to those that I found here, and they are exactly the same.
I have only one further question about armor. Do you (or nexus) ever get the vehicle and cyborg superdense thermal armor, or is it only for MP?