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campaign 4

Posted: 07 Mar 2016, 19:33
by Shozz22
When the Beta of campaign 4 will become fixed?

Re: campaign 4

Posted: 04 Apr 2016, 00:38
by Bethrezen
What's wrong with it ? because so far as I'm aware there isn't anything wrong with it, if you are having issues completing the level try this
so how to do this mission

1.) first wave 1 experienced commander with heavy body on tracks 1 truck and 8 lancers with heavy bodies on tracks preferably with experience as well

2.) as soon as you land order 10 AAA units attach your lancers to the commander and immediately command them to move all the way to the left of the screen taking out the rocket turret along the way once the path is clear command your truck to move all the way to the left of the screen and build a repair bay in the bottom left of the screen

3.) move to the river crossing take out the hover rocket unit the scanner and the other turrets DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CROSS THE RIVER !!! because its bad bottleneck and you will get taken out unless the area has been cleared first

simply attacking the scanner and the couple of turrets that are right on the river crossing should be enough to make the commander stay in his base once you have destroyed everything that is in range of your lancers with out crossing the river pull your units all the way back to the bottom left of the screen as far as they will go because the enemy is going to be sending vtols after them so we need to buy the AAA units enough time to take them out

4.) by now your AAA units should be arriving command them to move all the way to the left of the screen and park them behind the little hill by the river crossing

5.) if like me you operate in teams of 18 units call in the other 8 AAA units 1 mobile scanner and 1 artillery unit wait for them to arrive once they do send them to the left of the screen and call in more artillery

6.) wait for the artillery to arrive once they do move them to the left of the screen and slowly and carefully move across the river taking out everything remember to keep your AAA units between you and where the enemy vtols come from unless you want to start loosing units order in more lancers so now you have a full squad

7.) now as I'm sure you have already discovered the enemy base if full of hover lancer units which will mop the floor with your units if they see you so the best way to deal with this is by letting your artillery do it its slow but hover units are lightly armored so it shouldn't take to long for your artillery to turn them in to scrap

now you may find that as you get close to there base there artillery will open up on you and start pounding your scanner which will slow you down a lot unless you do something about it so pull your scanner back until the artillery stops shooting at it then detach your commander from your lancers and move him up to where your scanner is set him to hold position and then inch him foreword until the artillery start attacking your commander leave him there to soak the fire from the artillery once your commander has the attention of the artillery move your mobile scanner back up and continue to eviscerate everything once your artillery have taken out most of there hover lancers pull your commander back for repair and pull your scanner and artillery back as well reattach your lancers to the commander and then hopefully the rest of your lancers should be arriving move them to the left of the screen attach them to the commander move across the river and flatten whats left of there base at this point you have a choice you can return to LZ and end the mission of you can take out the base at the right of the screen for more experience points and mote time to gain funds
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Re: campaign 4

Posted: 16 Apr 2016, 18:21
by Shozz22
Maybe i wrong my question. i finished warzone like 10/11 times. i want to know if warzone continue after rockies