This bugged me a lot when i was a kid

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Happy little pumpkin
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This bugged me a lot when i was a kid

Post by Happy little pumpkin » 05 Apr 2015, 22:53

Ok, so i played Warzone 2100 back when it was released and i was a kid. And recently something made me remember it, i googled it and reached this forum. So, now that i'm here, i have to ask, how do you win the last Alpha mission of the campaign? Kid me could never win that.

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Re: This bugged me a lot when i was a kid

Post by montetank » 06 Apr 2015, 02:36

Welcome :-)
try this one viewtopic.php?f=45&t=3051
there is also a walkthrough from our member NoQ.
In case the WZ-game ends in a draw , the game winner will be determined by penalty shoot-out.

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Re: This bugged me a lot when i was a kid

Post by Bethrezen » 15 Apr 2016, 02:52

simple enough

load up a transport ship with a truck an experience commander and 8 lancers on heavy body's and tracks and take off upon landing build 2 repair bays one at the north of the NZ and a second at the east of the LZ and call in a scanner and 9 mortar units and attach your lancers to the commander and wait

after a few seconds you will get attacked big mistake bozos upon being attacked immediately push out of your LZ and flatten the attackers only go as far at the mountain though if you go to far to the east or north or you will get splatter by missile turrets, this is what artillery is for

after blunting there attack pull back for repair because they will likely send missile hover craft after you in an attempt to pick off your units but if you pull back you can make them come to you and give your self a better chance of icing them

shortly after this your artillery should arrive, call in the rest of your artillery while you wait for them to arrive attach your artillery to your scanner and move to the east and take down there missile turrets and there base, and recover the hover tech research it

then convert your scanner and artillery to hover units and call them back in then start your advance to there base carefully taking out all there turrets with your hover artillery units bring along your lancers to act as protection in case they try to attack your mortars and that's really all there is to it just slowly and methodical work your way up to there base you have loads of time so theirs no rush

this method isn't very fast but it works you can also try hover bunker busters they are extremely efficient at crushing enemy buildings and turrets but they are no good against units though

the biggest pain on this level is at the start because you cant case down there hover craft so they will continually pick you apart but as soon as you get a squad of hover lancers this extremely irritating tactic come to an abrupt and unceremonious end as your hover lancers plaster theirs at which point they normally stop sending hover craft to attack you because they aren't heavily armoured enough to withstand being smashed in the face by a lancer fire even there tracked heavy body tanks are no match for a squad of python lancers particularly if being lead by an experienced commander

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Re: This bugged me a lot when i was a kid

Post by Nexusintruderprogram » 04 Jun 2020, 17:52

yea getting bogged down at the start was a pain. a agree with the use of lancers at the start get your trucks to build up a repair station and get some lancer hardpoint's set up, and maybe some mortar pitt's too to help out wile you wait for re-enforcement to arrive once your force has beefed up head west to an enemy base where you can get the hover propulsion te'c once researched get some hover lacer's bunker busters and trucks and flank the defence's while the main force goes up the middle.

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