Hard times for noobs

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Hard times for noobs

Post by Setanta » 09 Aug 2020, 16:24


sorry for my bad english.

At first i would like to thank all the helpfull and friendly players in Warzone.

Especially all the proplayers which are involved in tutorials on youtube and the other helpfull vids there and the guys which are answering questions here or on irc.

I made the experience that also proplayers most times are very polite and, for example do allow noobs to watch their games.

I totally understand the fact that it is no fun for an experienced player to play against a noob and i don't mind loosing against other players.

But there are some players (i dont think that they are pros for real) which do allow noobs in mp-games and then start insulting.

I always ask if noobs are welcome in games and i do not see any sensefull reason to be called an idiot and so on...

This is a really disgusting behaviour and meanwhile i directly leave when some nicks show up.

Please be aware that everybody started as a noob and had to learn about keyboard mapping and the fast use of it.

Also it is a big advantage to know the maps - i do have the impression that in the majority of mp-games the most common maps are very different to the ones installed automatically.

For a noob like me it is very hard to play one game after another with changing options almost every game (shared research, with or without vtols, scavs etc.).

Another thing that was totally new to me is the meaning of the hearts in the research - although i got that after 2 or the 3 games.

I have been playing warzone for 2 or 3 years only against KI and i really love this game.

It is now about a week or so that i started playing mp-games - i also had my fun and i do watch a lot of vids and read in this forum about strategy and tactics.

But - for example noobs do not learn a lot about the advantages of some weapons and specialized research only by watching vids and reading and there is also a need for developing a sort of intuition about how many buildings of which type (research labs etc.) are sensefull in the beginning of a game. This differs a lot depending on how many players are ingame and how many res are available.

In my opinion it is in the interest of the whole community to grow and yes - noobs need to learn but therefor noobs like me need gameplay-experience.

It takes much longer than a week to become a nearly halfgood player - so please stay polite.

Have a nice time @everybody and thanks for understanding.

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Re: Hard times for noobs

Post by Counter Back » 13 Aug 2020, 05:00

yeah, I have been play WZ 2 years, for many month I active in lobby, play multiplayer and other players said "Are you noob?" :stare: , yes that time i'm noob, after that not realy noob :) . other players said bad words :annoyed:.
I know how to be host in WZ, but maybe next times :hmm: ?
Someday I will show them the true nature of life! If they know, Regards from CB.

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