Where have position commands gone?

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Nexus Darkshade
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Where have position commands gone?

Post by Nexus Darkshade » 13 May 2018, 06:25

I've noticed recently while looking through keymapping options that movement commands like "hold position" and "pursue" are still mapped to keys, yet they don't appear in the unit command GUI in version: 3.2.3; and maybe even earlier? Is this an bug, or something the devs had to do?

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Re: Where have position commands gone?

Post by Bethrezen » 13 May 2018, 07:10

the interface buttons where removed, and for the time being there seems to be some reluctance to put things back they way there where you can see the thread on it here.


it's something that has annoyed quiet a few people, especially as the version of the hold command we have now doesn't seem to work as well as its predecessor, and the pursue command seems to be gone completely, although to be fair i never really used the pursue command, although there are some that did.

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