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Posted: 07 Mar 2016, 19:40
by Shozz22
hi guys
where can i download news maps?

Re: maps

Posted: 11 Apr 2016, 22:59
by Doruletz
Search here (above)...
Just click on the "Addons" link (3rd front the left at top of page)
In the drop down tab on the right select "Map" or "Map-Mod". You can refine your search by number of players, amount of OIL, author, etc...
There are over 200 maps to be downloaded.
Also try this link:
Copy/Paste the link into your browser address bar and it should bring up the download directly, there are lots of maps (598 to be more precise) compressed into a ZIP file called ""
Good luck, and enjoy WZ2100!

Moderator note:
Do NOT post maps or links that do not have a CLEAR license, and Author. Those the rules we must follow.