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Posted: 03 Aug 2013, 19:53
by Gavin_88
Hi I am a long time player of Warzone 2100 and have played many good long battles online,
but ever since everyone switched to 3.1.0 I have not been able to host or even let alone enjoy a game because it just kept crashing, would go like 5 minutes and it would crash , did not even try to host a game.

Is there people still playing 2.3.9 ? My in game name was Gavin when i was playing about a year and a half ago.

skeptical of downloading 3.1.0 in case it does not work so any info would be help full, i used to have no problem hosting games on 2.3.9 and played in many others too no problem.

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Posted: 04 Aug 2013, 05:43
by NoQ
Update your intel graphics drivers.
Disable shaders.

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Posted: 30 Aug 2013, 21:28
by Bruta
I dont have the best graphics but still it lets me play anyway, somehow.

Just search google if you dont know what drivers are for your graphics.

And I would still play 2.3.9 but sadly that version for online playing has been taken away.

Good Luck

Re: Hello

Posted: 04 Sep 2013, 02:00
by Barbie81
Yep disable the shaders........... That's what I had to do with this new version and now it runs fine