Balance discussions only

The place to discuss balance changes for future versions of the game.
(Master releases & 3.X)
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Balance discussions only

Post by Staff » 15 Jan 2012, 04:37

Greetings all!

This section of the forums will be used to discuss balance related changes for 3.x+ builds.

The way it works, identify what the issue is.
Post about it. (yes, you can make a poll about the thing you want to balance)
Come up with a new balance solution. (Having a mod/code to prove your point is also a nice touch.)
Explain why you think this will solve the issue.
Discuss amongst your peers.

Once consensus has been reached, we will integrate said change into the game.

We highly recommend
  • to have 1 thread for each item that needs the balance.
  • for you to be playing the master builds for the balance changes, there are a few differences between versions that could throw a wrench in the way balance works, so please stick with master builds when discussing about balance changes.

Note, follow the forum rules, and no flamewars.
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