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Re: Unit designer limit

Post by Iluvalar » 24 May 2019, 04:15

Cyp wrote:
23 May 2019, 13:17
I wonder if large bodies should be more expensive or small bodies stronger, so people don't just pick the largest possible bodies most of the time.
Yes obviously. We'd need a mixed nash equilibrium (also known as rock paper scissor) around body weight :

heavy > medium > light > heavy

This is achieved by changing the prices of a set of weapon (say mg). So they fit best on light body. And then balance their damage with the heavy body armor level. This would make 1/3 of the heavy body armor useless against light weapons.

I don t think hardcoding the weapons so they can't be mounted on some bodies is a good idea, but improving the diversity around body weight would be great.
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