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Hey! My post isn't getting answered by anyone, what gives ?

Posted: 04 Jun 2007, 18:20
by DevUrandom
Hello folks!

We (the devs) prefer that you use the bug tracker for posting bugs, and follow directions listed on that link
It uses the same logon as the forums, and most of the time, if you are signed into the forums, you don't need to sign into trac.

If you post bug reports on the forums, we may not even see them, we just don't have that kind of time available. We are NOT getting paid for any work that we do, we do everything in our spare time, which isn't much.
To be sure that one of the devs will see it, you must file a good bug report!

Please report bugs using this link.

Please remember the following rules:
  • Use the search button at the top at to find out, if your bug has not been reported yet.
  • Write something meaningful into the topic. Not I found a bug!. Instead write "I Crashed when I was trying to build a tower, when I clicked on it. etc...
  • List your OS, and video card brand, and CPU.
  • Be as descriptive as possible! If you have savegames, that show the problem, then zip/7zip the savegamename.* files & the savegamename directory (and all it's files), and attach it to your post.
  • Put logfiles, screenshots, backtraces and other additional information, as a attachment to your post.
  • If you're using the TRUNK version from Subversion, be sure to put the used revision too!
You should know How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.
It might also help to read How to Report Bugs Effectively.
Also interesting: Getting Answers.

// Kamaze: I merged my post with this one and updated the rules/links.