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Issues Regarding the Mods

Posted: 10 Jul 2010, 18:29
by Deep2388
First off, My ISP is horrible here. Blocks almost every port you could think of. So, Me and a friend of mine wanted to LAN and get some games in. So, I setup both computes with 2.3.0 and Hamachi and we were able to join the lobby through IP connect. Once we were both in the lobby, We set everything up the way we wanted it, And started the match. As soon as we got into the game, It would kick whoever was not the host and give the error "Player has an incompatible mod and has been kicked from the game" This happened with all mods (DyDo, 1.10 Rebalance, And the bone stock version) Except for NTW. Personaly I don't like NTW because the Gauss Cannon is overpowered and AI's don't do anything usefull. So, After try for a few hours to get any other game mode to work besides NTW, I gave up and updated to 2.3.1! And, low and behold, Same problem. Only NTW works. Any ideas?

Re: Issues Regarding the Mods

Posted: 11 Jul 2010, 05:48
by kringled
It sounds a lot like the same problem listed in this other thread:
viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5264. Can you try the solution described there? (Deleting the map).


Re: Issues Regarding the Mods

Posted: 06 Aug 2010, 01:53
by Delphinio
yep, right... its the same problem.
i dont think so that gauss cannon is overpowered, but its ok... it your opinion.

-- Delphinio