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White textures? Black/corrupted screens? Crashes to desktop?

Posted: 24 Jun 2009, 06:39
by Buginator
What do all these have in common?

In almost all cases, this is the fault of crappy video drivers.

Intel, and S3/Via integrated gfx chipsets have pretty poor OpenGL support.

What? Your intel/S3/whatever works fine with all the other games? Could it be that they are putting most of their resources behind directX , and OpenGL gets treated like the ugly step child? :stare:

This game uses OpenGL for a reason, it is the *ONLY* API, that can work on Windows, Macs, and linux (and...) machines.

There are also some commercial games that use OpenGL (Quake series is the most famous), and then all the CAD & advanced visual effect software.

So where does this leave us?

In short, nobody on the dev team has inferior hardware. We have nobody that can debug the issue. We don't have anyone available that can fix intel's / S3/Via's /insert whoever here/ crappy drivers.

We have a mix of AMD/ATI & Nvidia hardware, and if we had any issues that is caused by our code, we would, obviously, try to fix it.

People who have issues with their drivers need to contact whoever the drivers came from, and complain loudly. That is the only resolution you can do to fix it.

For those that have problems, post what chipset or gfx hardware you are using, and what OS, and the driver version.

So far, most of the intel integrated chipsets FAIL/behave badly, on windows, and linux, *but* not on Mac. (Apple seems to write their own drivers).
The AMD/ATI & Nvidia proprietary drivers are better than the open source versions on linux.

NOTE: Window's Intel integrated graphics users. If you are crashing in ig4icd32.dll as shown in your Warzone2100.RPT file, then please try upgrading to the latest video drivers and/or try turning off shaders. There is nothing else that we can do to fix it for intel people, so please report all bugs to Intel so they can fix their driver problems! ... s#graphics

Intel users may want to checkout #intel-gfx on freenode.
Ubuntu users: ... bug/359578
Here is a small article for the intel crowd:

Re: White textures? Black/corrupted screens? Crashes to desk

Posted: 12 Oct 2010, 03:21
by Buginator
Nvidia drivers are located
AMD/ATI drivers are located
Intel drivers are located

If you have a Nvidia based Mac running Mac OS X 10.5.6-10.5.9, there is a bug that makes the game look wrong. To fix, upgrade to 10.6 or higher, or use these custom Nvidia drivers: ... 32089.html