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Can't finish Gamma2

Posted: 20 Jul 2020, 09:32
by souvern

I compiled 3.4.0 on my Linux (ubuntu 20.04 LTS) with no problems.

I played the campaign through to Gamma 2 with no problems.

But on gamma 2 you are supposed to push to the nukes to prevent them from being launched, but I wiped the board (no enemy structures) and never got to the part where the nukes timer goes off and you have to run.

I didn't do anything weird. I do have several saves from that level if that's helpful.

Re: Can't finish Gamma2

Posted: 20 Jul 2020, 17:41
by Berserk Cyborg
Did you destroy the silos as well? They need to be destroyed to advance to the next part of the mission. Upload one of your saves (.gam file + folder) if it's still is giving you trouble and I'll take a look at what is going on.