3.1.2 Oil Extraction Rate

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3.1.2 Oil Extraction Rate

Post by BioRad » 19 May 2015, 06:48

Hello Warzone Community,

I need help locating the coding for oil extraction rates on oil derricks. I have looked in data/mp/multiplay/script and skirmish folder at the .slo and .js specifically rules.js. I assume that the oil extraction rate is named something else and located in another folder which I cannot find.

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Re: 3.1.2 Oil Extraction Rate

Post by Iluvalar » 19 May 2015, 20:41

Well you can't exactly mod that. But I guess you can scale the power generator capacities ?

It's in base/function.txt

DO NOT edit that directly. Create a file mymod/function.txt . Zip the whole folder. Rename mymod.zip into mymod.wz and then drop it in the autoload folder.

This way you'll still be able to remove the mod in case you want to play multiplayer (or actualy create a map mod from there.)

Last time I checked you couldn't scale the power too much before hitting an hard cap in the game. I used to mod the cost of everything else in the game to avoid this issue. Maybe it's fixed now but for some reason I doubt it.
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