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Mac OsX save file crash

Posted: 02 Oct 2007, 03:24
by Martyr Ops
So I load up warzone 2.0.7 and I click single player campain then load game.
I clicked on my save file it starts to load then it jus crashs with no error code.
This is wen the new paradime attacks you in your zone for th first time.

Thanks in advance

Re: Mac OsX save file crash

Posted: 02 Oct 2007, 13:53
by jim01
I have the same problem, it may be because I can't get the hotfix to run correctly.

Saved games just crash.  Playing all the way through, and saving when you finish the level, should work

Re: Mac OsX save file crash

Posted: 24 Oct 2007, 08:14
by MasterDrow
I have a similar loading problem. Few differences, most of the time i can load a game that was saved at the end of the mission. I can never load a game that was saved during a mission or skirmish. For me it does not give a problem, just quits.

I am on a Mac (OS 10.4.9), GeForce 8600M GT graphics card.

Also mine does like to quit at random intervals in the game, often when I am about to win/loose. This mostly happens in skirmish, but sometimes in campaigns, which is annoying.

Re: Mac OsX save file crash

Posted: 25 Oct 2007, 02:19
by MasterDrow
I was able to pull this from the crash file(s)

error:      Assert in Warzone: /Users/ari/work/warzone-2.0.7/macosx/../lib/widget/widget.c:1242 : widgSetButtonState (FALSE)
Assertion failed: ((0)), function widgSetButtonState, file /Users/ari/work/warzone-2.0.7/macosx/../lib/widget/widget.c, line 1242.

error:      Assert in Warzone: /Users/ari/work/warzone-2.0.7/macosx/../src/objmem.c:854 : getBaseObjFromId (FALSE)
Assertion failed: ((0)), function getBaseObjFromId, file /Users/ari/work/warzone-2.0.7/macosx/../src/objmem.c, line 854.

Re: Mac OsX save file crash

Posted: 26 Dec 2007, 07:14
by mitra
have exakt same problem with 2.0.8

works fine loading a game saved at the end of a mission.  but not during a mission, just freezes and after 10-15 the program terminates itself..

in some of the save files i tried to open i heard a 0.1s sound clip before the freeze..

anyways if anyone know how to fix this, then that would be great since playing levels that take more than an hour can be boring to complete in one sitting