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1 v n AI

Post by icyflames » 16 Feb 2011, 01:18

Hi guys,

I saw the other thread about 2 v 6 on all maps etc. so I thought why not do it for all challenging scenarios? Share times and tactics for different settings.

Fiddle around with the following settings:
a) map
b) number of AI enemies/allies
c) strength of AI
d) T1, T2, T3
e) starting truck/halfbase/base
f) power level

So recently I've been struggling with
- little egypt/great rift, T1 base, high power, 1 v 3 enemies

- I just about managed to win on little egypt (all enemies middle strength) by taking as much land as possible, hiding hardpoints behind cliffs and researching cannons (I spammed HPV hardpoints).
- The same tactic wouldn't work on great rift because for some reason I got overwhelmed by VTOL while trying to use the flak AA which totally failed by the way. Succeeded by researching rockets instead..
- Just now gave up on little egypt with enemies on full strength... Too frustrating. Will go back on the saved file soon. Just researching plasmite bombs but kind of losing all my oil colonies and therefore don't have enough oil left to build planes or AA...

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