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Suggestion thread for new challenges

Posted: 08 Jan 2010, 10:24
by Per
Please post suggestions for new challenges in this thread.

Re: Suggestion thread for new challenges

Posted: 08 Jan 2010, 23:28
by Terminator
not really a suggestion, more like bug: savegames doesn't work as it should. When loads a game, it like standard SK game. There is no timer, & I think records doesn't save. :ninja:

As for challenges ..may be add a rush or rush2 maps. I think its very popular maps.. like 1 vs 3 bots in ally. Because there are 3 chls. and 1 map - 2c and 2 maps - 8c. I think should be 4c map too :)

Re: Suggestion thread for new challenges

Posted: 09 Jan 2010, 12:02
by KukY
I made one:
Fort Defense-
You defend your well defended base against 2 AIs. Their bases are well defended too.
In a mod form. It includes map required for it.(I didn't make that map.)
(71.16 KiB) Downloaded 733 times
Command line: --mod fortdef.wz

Re: Suggestion thread for new challenges

Posted: 09 Jan 2010, 12:52
by Zarel
You know, some T2 or T3 challenges might be interesting.

Re: Suggestion thread for new challenges

Posted: 09 Jan 2010, 16:25
by Mysteryem
What about challenges where you are given an amount of time to do something as many or as little times as possible?

For example, in 30 minutes gather as high a score as possible, or it could be reversed, try to get the lowest score possible, but you must survive the given time.

Other timed challenges would be fun. It could take a lot of work though.

Re: Suggestion thread for new challenges

Posted: 11 Jan 2010, 03:37
by BlueMaxima
I'm thinking about making a challenge with it's own map.
(1.54 KiB) Downloaded 1801 times
That's the map. The whiter the area, the higher the terrain. The red is the start positions.

I call it "Bottleneck". Players start on the left side of the map with medium bases and lots of power (20,000?). The CPU starts on the right side with max power and advanced bases. The idea is to defend yourself against the rush of the CPU as long as possible.

The "cliffs" on either side are designed for towers/hardpoint defense. Using those positions as defense would be a smart in repelling the enemy invaders.

The challenge isn't designed to be winnable. It's just a test for how well you can hold out against an attack.

Re: Suggestion thread for new challenges

Posted: 15 Jan 2010, 21:02
by Tenoh
WEll its is a small idea for challenges/skirmishes. Anyone know aoe3?
Then you know they got their main town and lvl and stuff.So i thought why not add a main base like this for WZ.Since campaign supports map jumping,why not make skirmishes like away missions? and if you not cheat you can have rank points added.

Re: Suggestion thread for new challenges

Posted: 19 Jan 2010, 18:25
by milo christiansen
Your planing on coding it yourself right? Because thats the only way it will get done. The devs are much too busy to add a feture with dubious value at best.

Re: Suggestion thread for new challenges

Posted: 19 Jan 2010, 18:59
by Ceiling Cat
New challenges I could think of... hmm.

1. Push the Limits
You cannot build Oil Derricks / Generators. Both you and the enemy have 10k energy, and that's all. No starting bases.

2. Harvester (not sure if possible)
Capture all Oil Derricks on the map. No tech allowed besides machineguns and trucks, only buildings available are Factory, Derrick, and Generator.

3. Icarus (not sure if possible)
You start with the enemy on a sealed off island, rather tight for both of you. Capture the oil resource on the second island before your enemy does. There are two ways in, transport and hover.

4. Turtle
Survive the constant attacks, and accumulate 5000 power. Starting with 2 derricks, 6 empty resources, 2 trucks and a generator. No limits.

5. Drop Zone (not sure if possible)
You start from your empty LZ with 10 units, you're supposed to get to LZ2 alive. No trucks available.(just like that one certain alpha mission, but a lot harder)

6. Noisy Neighbor
Defeat your enemy, despite the fact that you both reside at the same point. 8 resources, 4 trucks per side. 1k starting energy.

7. Mother Trucker
No command centers available(meaning no design besides TVW), no changes besides that. Starting with no bases, no tech, and 2k energy.

Those challenges are something like Starcraft UMS games, right?

Re: Suggestion thread for new challenges

Posted: 25 Jan 2010, 08:31
by ClockWork
How about a tower defense? You are only allowed to have trucks, and towers. You will need to protect artifacts from being stolen. An enemy transport could periodically drop off tanks and cybogs, and you could build a maze of walls, and towers to block them. I do not know if it’s possible to force a tank to not fire, unless its become trapped in walls.

Just a thought.

Re: Suggestion thread for new challenges

Posted: 25 Jan 2010, 08:35
by Zarel
Well, we could just use repair cyborgs, or sensor turrets... there are a lot of units that don't have weapons. ;)

Re: Suggestion thread for new challenges

Posted: 28 Jan 2010, 03:17
by Assault Gunner
Hmm. I like this idea! perhaps there could even be maps with prebuilt mazes? You know, say walls three squares wide so that you can place towers/hardpoints there?

Furthermore, I think even without specialized TD maps, TD would be a great addition to WZ.

Re: Suggestion thread for new challenges

Posted: 30 Jan 2010, 13:13
by 3drts
Tower defense games could be fun, where you get money by killing enemy units.
Games such as Warzone Tower Defense (no relation to wz2100, despite the name) have all weapons available from the start...... but at the start you dont have enough money for plasma cannons, and only enough to build one howitzer (actually called a heavy cannon) or laser turret, both of which are not adequate for early defense due to their slow ROF, so all weapons have use at some point, even if MG turrets rapidly become ineffective wastes of space.

So following that logic, research may not be needed (upgrades might still be nice, in the previously mentioned tower defense game, you could upgrade individual defenses - all defenses had similar Firepower:cost ratios though)

Just kill units for money, build defenses, early waves could be scavengers (and maybe a buttload of infantry), such that an MG bunker would be a better option than a gauss hardpoint.
One thing about some tower defense games, is that the towers are invunerable, but there must always be a path to the "base", I don't think that would work well for WZ.

I also like the idea of LZ based skirmishes.
Could there be oil on an Away mission, that will add to power production:
What I mean is basically, give each person an unseen base of: 5 factories of each type (with all modules built), 5 research facilities with modules, and 8 oil wells + 6 Power generators with modules.
The map would have ≈20 more oil wells, allowing a player to max out their power production by capturing oil well on the away mission.
Each player could start with an LZ and a force (remember the force editor? Lets implement that, with a 10 unit limit to the starting force, and a design menu, rather than selecting from templates). Players could then capture a few other LZs around the map to allow re-enforcements to arrive faster:
- I'm not sure how to implement this.... how does one choose which LZ the units arrive at, or should each LZ come with a transport, thus with 3 LZs, you can have 30 units arrive by transport at 3 locations all at the same time?
- Could we have modified Cyborg transports, such that you can build cyborg transports, and have those new transports deliver cyborgs? Thus you if you built 4 Cyborg transports, you could have 40 cyborgs en route to LZs all at the same time, in addition to 10 of whatever unit type you have in the large transport.
So more LZ's = ability to deliver more cyborg re-enforcements, but vehicle re-enforcements will always come 10 at a time, and additional LZs just means you can shorten transit times after leaving the transport

I would recommend between a 2 transit time, but possibly longer if multiple LZs allow for multiple transports to deliver units.

Thus you fight over not just oil, but LZs

Re: Suggestion thread for new challenges

Posted: 31 Jan 2010, 16:41
by Mats
A Warzone TD would be great but that seems to be a mod, not a challenge. LZ challenges sound fun but would be hard to impliment? Personally, I would like to see some more challenges made like the medium difficulty challenge that exists right now.

Turtle sounds interesting - Some idea built of the mission when you hold off NeXus for a while at the team beta? base when you first arrive.

More challenges with more AI vs you + allies.

Maybe some challenges where the enemy starts with 5 research facilities fully upgraded plus fortified base and you start with just basic base? 1 v 1 or (maybe 1 v 2).

Some challenge with multiple AIs against 1 human, but your base is in a more easily defended position.

Starting with multiple AIs (5 - 6) with basic base but you start with fully upgraded base (but techs are level on all sides at T1).

I will look at the editor etc and see if I can make any challenges but I don't know if I will be able to use any of it.

Re: Suggestion thread for new challenges

Posted: 11 Feb 2010, 15:31
by 3drts
*THIS ... IS ... SPARTA!!!*
7 allied AI vs player, custom map 7 bases at one side of the map(East), your base at the other(West).
The southern portion of the map is occupied by a semi-circular body of water, a "bay".
The northern part is also a (roughly) semi-circle of impassable mountains.
between the northern mountains and the shore of the bay, is a route along the shore 4-6 tiles wide.
Through the mountains, there would be a narrower path 1-3 tiles wide.
Between the shore and the mountains would be the "hot gates",
The 1-3 tile wide path would be the "goat trail" allowing an army to bypass the "hot gates"
Oil distribution on each side of the "hot gates" would be roughly even, except for the 6x4 extra oil from 4 oil being in each starting base, and there would be 6 more starting positions to the north than to the south.

Could be any Tech starting level (or you could have a T-1, T-2, T-3 version of it).
Basically, a turtling map, and given the poor AI, a Naval/hover attack (ok, so it doesn't really resemble the turning point that was the naval battle of Salamis after the battle of Thermopylae).

I'm somewhat partial to a T-2 start, so one could quickly get incendiaries for the chokepoints.

Enemy AI is limited to using hovers and cyborgs perhaps?
Just cyborgs?