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Challenge: Two-faced

Posted: 07 Mar 2017, 20:52
by Forgon
Face-off against 3 of the hardest non-cheating AIs attacking from 2 directions, on Sk-LittleEgypt-T1.
The rating is 'Medium' -- an average player should be able to win.

I won in 1:05:45 hours. You can watch the game on YouTube or read about it below:
Thanks to Warzone Atlassian's documentation I could create a challenge file (attached).
Move it under 'challenges' in your profile folder. Due to a bug, version 3.2.1 does not accept it unless you exchange AI descriptions between player 0 and 1.

In "What makes a good challenge" NoQ wrote:
In most of the challenges i tried (or made), the enemy gets weaker over time. Once you are able to survive the early rush and hold your ground for a while, and then manage to control just one more oil derrick, you already won. Simply because you were already equal, and now you have one more derrick, which both makes you stronger and makes your enemy weaker.

This is a simple monotonic curve: you get stronger with every tick, sit there and do nothing but defense (with tanks or towers) most of the time, and then destroy everything in the last 5 minutes.

Most of the challenges around boil down to: survive the early rush, hold your ground for as long as necessary to come up with the winning design (its components may be different), destroy everything with the winning weapon.
This is only partly the case in this challenge which requires good timing and risk-taking. I suggest that it be included in the game by default.

Re: Challenge: Two-faced

Posted: 30 Apr 2017, 21:09
by Per
It looks good to me. Has anyone won it yet?

Re: Challenge: Two-faced

Posted: 29 Jul 2017, 03:14
by Markk786
I really don't know,

Re: Challenge: Two-faced

Posted: 07 Oct 2017, 12:37
by Forgon
Nullbot with difficulty "Hard" is no longer the most challenging non-cheating bot since MIH-XTC's improvements for Nexus (ticket 4585, see also this forum thread). Thus this challenge has become easier compared to the others -- if you find it too easy, upgrade the AI.