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Wishlist Index

Posted: 12 Jan 2013, 19:22
by aubergine

This page is just a table of contents or index to feature requests posted elsewhere.

I'll update the list as soon as I see a feature request anywhere in the forums, but you can PM me if I've missed something.

The list below is in random order:

* getScrollParams(), getCursorMode()
* Ability to get a template, add a template, and determine cost of a specific droid or structure
* removeTimer() - new 'filter' param
* A bunch of older feature requests (some of them repeated more recently)
* Additional camera functionality
* Dump text to file (part implemented, but temporarily removed due to performance issues)
* enumBeacons(), and ability to set beacon colour, etc
* getMousePosition() -- find out what map tile mouse is over
* getAssemblyPoint()
* Factory and droid settings (both getting and setting)
* Ways to inspect map terrain, etc.
* getShortestRoute()
* eventPowerTransfer()
* eventLaserSatelliteStrike()
* eventAllianceChange()
* objectExists() (on map)
* removeLabel(), and tweak to enumLabels(), and Some other ideas on labels, and yet more ideas (labels vs. tags)
* cancelProduction()
* Tweaks to range property on droid/structure objects
* Chat enhancements, eg. ability to prevent message echo to console to facilitate custom chat commands
* eventDroidMove()
* getWeather(), getSunPosition(), getSunIntensity()
* Ambient sound effects, see also ideas topic
* More wind and weather stuff
* Tile marking (partially implemented) and tile grids
* Expose .ini stats to JS API
* eventStructureActivated(), revealMap(), fireAtTarget(), freezeObject(), adjustDroidSpeed(), eventAttacking(), setObjectColor(), setObjectTransparencyToPlayer(), etc... (see also: sample code for eventStructureActivated())
* Rename buildDroid() to produceDroid()
* Diet versions of enum*() functions
* gameType global
* Stuff required to make transport scripting feasible
* Multimedia playback, eg. playVideo(), and ability to fade whole map to black, etc., see also: audio.ini and sequences.ini proposal
* blip() and terrainLight()
* setSunIntensity() -- bugs and improvements
* Direct setting of object x,y,z,alpha, etc.
* Expose human player rank stats to scripts
* Dynamic alliances - how to offer/accept/reject alliances with humans via intel screen?
* fireWeaponAtLoc(), fireWeaponAtObj()
* Functions to allow some basic map editing experiments

Re: Wishlist Index

Posted: 16 Jan 2013, 19:02
by aubergine

Re: Wishlist Index

Posted: 18 Jan 2013, 20:11
by aubergine
Can this topic be made sticky?

Re: Wishlist Index

Posted: 18 Jan 2013, 21:56
by Per
I'm rubber you're glue, your words bounce off me and stick to yo' thread... ;)