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Sound revolution

Posted: 27 Jun 2018, 12:20
by nick87720z
Looking enough to latest artrev mod, i'm now trying to go from sound side.
There already was attempt by BlackProject: (both sfx and gfx)

Hope, it will be nice complement for current gfx artrev mod. For begining i have factory steam sound, compiled from what i found at freesound.
(all files at that resource are Creative Commons by default, some noticed to specially note it being just public domain).

I will leave full file path, relative to base dir, so you can just create it in mods dir (just like you would do using artrev directly from svn).
I fill ogg file data, usually my preferred license is same - CC.

Steam burst is combined from these two, after applying some cutting and hq stretching: ... ds/390188/

Re: Art Revolution Sound

Posted: 27 Jun 2018, 12:31
by nick87720z
For the case, i have some question about other sounds.

while there is sound for tracks (which was called weird in some previous discussions, and is next target for replacement), it seems that it was supposed to be combined with engine sound (in case if turbocharged track tank you would have tracks,basic diesela engine and turbocharger all in one, and may be just tracks and turbine in pure gas turbine, from T3).

So, should track sound be done as usually? My plans included to have separate sounds for diesel, turbocharger and pure gas turbine.
This is also related to next item, about engines theirselves.

Also it strange, but scavanger transport (jeep, motocycles, buses...) use tracked sound - may be cranes from ultimate scavs would be good with it, but these...

There i have question about exact engine type, used before T3 gas turbine is researched - is it diesel or it uses bensin? Or can injector / carburator be used with diesel too? As far as i understood from some articles about diesels, they are usually used for tanks, trucks... any heavy transport, yet diesel is safer in terms of fire safety. Also both 2/4-stroke versions exist.

More about planned sounds
So, my ideal plans were to have different sounds for each body (viper could have some light car engine, while python needs something really powerful, also taking in accound different transmissions).
May be separate sounds for different track sizes too.
Already said about turbocharger, while pure gas turbine... for begining i guess, it could reuse existing vitol sounds - do you think, they need something less toy-like? (when i heared it first time playing beta mission, yet in 2.3.x, it sounded strange for me, may be it is due to static, non fluctiating delay effect).

Yet, unlike gfx, does each sfx publication needs separate post (as usually done to show screenshots), it they are good to just added to existing post by editing?

Re: Art Revolution Sound

Posted: 27 Jun 2018, 16:08
by nick87720z
Some cleanup of existing tread sound (attached).

How about this for heavy/medium tread sound?

Also some inspiration for light tread (searched for tankette word):
unfortunally nothing with this word at freesound, but from first look only strong difference is in engine sound