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Warzone2020 Propulsion Revisited

Posted: 22 Jul 2020, 19:13
by Iluvalar
"Wish" list
*Function C=1000/tileDifficulty for the A* algorhytm. So AI use roads and avoid dirt
*Function D=1+1*isTileOccupied() for the A* algorhytm. So AI consider avoiding obstacle during patfinding
*Run the A* a bit more regularly so droids change courses if needed.
*Set the tile impassibility based on map/mod data (right now it'S hardcoded deep in the code) (allows copters and insect legs)
*Test correctly traversability for factory production. So boat rezz on water and train rezz on track.
*Speaking of tracks, Add greek letters at least 6 (Alpha, beta, gamma,delta,epsilon,zeta). To propulsion type, tile type, weapons type, etc). So Modders can, if desired, add horses, paved road and spears.

Please comment, I put "wish" in quote because I could just as well do it for xmas if people are interested and the devs, this time, press the button when I'm done.

August 21 add:
*Alpha, beta, gamma,delta weaponClass ("heat" & "kinetic")

*minimumDamage for bodies (default 100). (body.minimumDamage*weapon.minimumDamage)

Re: Warzone2020 Propulsion Revisited

Posted: 31 Aug 2020, 00:27
by aliswe
Hi mate

I believe the next step for us to improve pathfinding is to implement Flow Fields, as Perl99 has so generously done for us at one point in time.

There would be no room to run MORE A* pathfinding with the current way of doing things as its already under lots of pressure in various scenarios.

Re: Warzone2020 Propulsion Revisited

Posted: 03 Sep 2020, 00:47
by Iluvalar
Thank you for your feedback, I didn't know that there were scenario in which the pathfinding algorithm was a significant slow down, can you please provide a few examples to see how i can improve things ?