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WASD Camera Control (Configurable)

Posted: 07 Jul 2019, 22:54
by CMDPete

I've submitted a draft pull request [1] with the following text:

I'm working on a patch to allow WASD control of the camera.
I'd like some advice on what to remap 'S' and 'D' since they are in use by default.

Also, I'm trying to get the keymapping to work from the game's settings UI.
As you can see I've appended the new mapping option to the keymap.cpp file, but not sure where to go next?



Re: WASD Camera Control (Configurable)

Posted: 02 Apr 2020, 10:38
by aliswe
A good idea with WSAD! Too bad it conflicts with existing keys ... PRs like this are a bit unfortunate because you already did lots of work, but one never knows how it will be received by the community.

That's why I check for feedback before even starting work on something.