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Widescreen HUD - 5760x1080

Posted: 11 Jun 2017, 11:07
by Hironaru

I would like to bring up the issue of menu popup locations during play on 3x displays, as well as general layout.

Having the minimap and menu anchored to the right and left respectively is a good solution for single and double monitor display setups, however due to the fact that the creation menu and other functions land on opposite sides of each other, it makes 3x monitor gaming a bit uncomfortable.

There was a solution found in other games where the HUD was isolated to the center monitor, allowing for ease of access (and lack of texture stretching in most cases, though not applicable here). I feel like centralizing the hud on 3x monitor resolutions seems like it would make the game feel more refined, and complete. Its worth it to mention that when it hits steam and supports 3x monitor resolutions in a complete way, it is sure to pick up more traction as a modern RTS.