Warzone 2100 ipod/iphone/ipad app

Ideas and suggestions for how to improve the Warzone 2100 base game only. Ideas for mods go in Mapping/Modding instead. Read sticky posts first!
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Re: Warzone 2100 ipod/iphone/ipad app

Post by Emdek » 04 Feb 2012, 11:08

aubergine, continuing a bit this offtopic, this is not only about easy to use but also price.
Also some says that Apple managed to create kind of cult for their devices (and this for sure true for some individuals, like for many other products from different sellers). :-D
The main issue with Andoid is that there too many very different devices (sizes, features) and too many versions (although most of them are capable of running at least 2.3, but mostly through CyanogenMod, as manufacturers abandoned users, even old and weak ones were shown to be capable of handling greatly improved 4.0, even my weak SE Xperia X10 Pro has nearly usable ROM currently worked on :-D).
Comparing specs with all other phones only iPhone 4 become usable but still overpriced. And have very closed environment.
Also I have no idea how they will develop now without vision form Steve (maybe he prepared some papers in any case, who knows).
Moreover it is not true that Android apps (oops, I shouldn't use that word, Apple restricted it ;-)) have always lower quality. The main issue mentioned above is many different devices.
Apple is afraid of variety, on desktop too, this is why they only support own (now just simple overpriced PCs, since abandoning PowerPC) hardware, because it is much simpler and generates lower costs. This makes some sense, but not for everyone.
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Re: Warzone 2100 ipod/iphone/ipad app

Post by avuthless » 14 Mar 2012, 16:41

Actually there is a way to distribute app without app store. It is possible to distribute it through website. But it must be built as enterprise build. I will not go deeper on explaining how to do this, but it is quite easy and achievable. I would like to see mac build prepared for ipad though. Did not try to go deeper but i wonder if its easy to port it...

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