New Cyborg "Spy"

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New Cyborg "Spy"

Post by winsrp » 25 Jan 2011, 17:06

Hi There,

Here is the idea:

Have a new Cyborg code name "Spy"

Abilities (Short Version):
-Transform itself into an enemy Unit
-Infiltrate into enemy buildings
-Steal Any given Tech that the Enemy has

Abilities (Long Version):
-Transform itself into an enemy Unit, this will allow the unit to take the same color and shape of any enemy cyborg unit in visual range, you will still control it of course, but the enemies of that color and its allies will not attach him on sight automatically, but if the player tries to target this unit manually it will give him the option to do so, since its an enemy (This is the first way that this unit can be killed), this transformed unit will get the looks but it cannot shoot.

-Infiltrate into enemy buildings, So you manage to transform your spy and get it into the enemy base... cool, now you can get this unit into an enemy building, the easy way to look at this, is that the spy gets into the research facility, and gets a list of the tech that the enemy has already researched.

-Steal Any given Tech that the Enemy has, This is a 2 step process, first You will click a tech from the list of the enemy research facility and a little bar like the one on the normal research facility starts to load, (of course way faster), you can only steal 1 tech document at any given time per research facility, once that document is stolen, you start another one, and so on. This process has a 20% chance of failing, if it fails you are taken outside of the enemy research facility in your untransformed form, and an alarm sound alerting the player of the intrusion. If you manage to succeed however, here starts step 2, you need to get out of the enemy base and get to your own base with the stolen documents, if you manage to get them into your own research facility then that tech is granted to you at no cost.

This is no big news, this same game mechanics is also present in the game Dark Reign (old game, almost as old as warcraft 2, available for free too, kindda), and this is one of the additions that will give some extra fun, and a cool way to match up that tech you are lagging.

For those that know Dark Reign, also it would be cool to add the scout, and sniper, but, we need more vegetation in this game. So the spy, would be the easiest. I believe that in dark reign it was called saboteur.


PD- Sorry for the bad English, not my native language.

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Re: New Cyborg "Spy"

Post by Corporal Punishment » 27 Jan 2011, 20:16

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