Unit Count options (Skirmish/Multiplayer)

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Unit Count options (Skirmish/Multiplayer)

Post by TheHero » 29 Oct 2020, 13:22

Morning all! Sorry if this has already been covered before.

One thing I've been obsessed with over the past couple of weeks is turtle games...which got me thinking. Although we have the option to turn off factory's ect, by doing this we remove the ability to build more 'non-combat' units. An example would be if we turned off cyborg & normal factory's we then have no means to produce further trucks.
This concept could also apply to VTOL attack units, but allow transporters to be used.

Could we introduce an option of 'Unit count limits' in the game setup menu. (This is not a request to increase unit/structure numbers. They are in perfect balance).

It might also be interesting for games that involve lower Unit limits (E.G games involving 20 attack unit limits). Or even a 'No trucks game' where players are only allowed to produce combat units

Potential Unit control menu:
- Truck Units
- Ground combat units (Wheeled/hover)
- Cyborg combat units
- Sensor units
- Repair units
- VTOL combat units
- VTOL transport units

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Re: Unit Count options (Skirmish/Multiplayer)

Post by Counter Back » 31 Oct 2020, 03:43

For the mode you say (eliminating the opportunity to build another truck), it might be interesting in other games as well as in CnC for example (though not by truck). Maybe we can only do this by not allowing the truck template creation (Constructor Droid / Construction Droid), but not deleting it, because in warzone2100, we can't get rid of it. Even when you create a map for example, you can't get a truck out of multiplayer, deleting it will only cause an error. So we can make a map, with the truck stuck in place. I tried it, VTOL Wars, and maybe we can build some "trucks but can't build other buildings" just fixing the buildings, your mode might be more balanced with a sophisticated base. This seems like a challenge in my opinion, but can only be applied to the map with a few manual edits :D.

For the unit count limit, now just create it manually: viewtopic.php?f=49&t=15872 but very manual, can't tell how auto-create it :lol2:

or maybe I can create some map-mode for it, not sure :hmm: .
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