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Minor suggestion

Posted: 15 Oct 2020, 05:43
by thanhtruong
Could the warzone guide have a page for units/weapons/bodies/structures not available to the player?
Like, I would like to see the stats for the scavenger infantry, the various scav vehicles and structures, the Nexus cyborgs, Nexus hardpoints + Nexus HQ + NP HQ + collective HQ (if those structures have different stats, if its the same states with a different 3d model, then never mind....)

Re: Minor suggestion

Posted: 16 Oct 2020, 08:44
by Counter Back
Hmm... Interesting, for the guide is none, but if you want to know that units/weapons/bodies/structures is not same with the available, for example NEXUS HQ is not have function like available HQ, and when build scavenger unit it use little power to building it, etc.

but I not sure what you mean. If you mean want to look at the warzone2100 objects stats that is not available, you should look where is your warzone2100 data.

for example in linux based in debian, warzone21000 data is in /usr/share/warzone2100/base.wz

some time i want to make what that's not available, to able to use, but in check, other people was making it.

I don't know if in windows, its long-long time ago not using windows again :? :| , and don't know in others OS :?: