Ranks in skirmish and multiplayer to make incoherent.

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Ranks in skirmish and multiplayer to make incoherent.

Post by xNEXTx » 22 May 2019, 22:51

Now ranks for skirmish and multiplayer are in one file.
It would be nice to keep the ranks in separate files, because players play skirmish against bots and then come to multiplayer already "generals".
This would simplify the ranking system in multiplayer.
You can also encrypt the numeric values in the profile file with some code.
Now with Notepad anyone can change the rank very easily.
Yes, I understand that this won't solve all the rank problems, but there will be fewer "crooks" who have edited the profile.
And if you make the encryption difficult, we will see the real rank of the player, not the changed data.

Ideally, of course it would be great to store the player profile on the server, but now it is not available for the game.

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