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Support for multiple targets for multi-turret bodies.

Posted: 12 Apr 2019, 11:39
by licondam
Currently if i install anti-tank rockets or cannon as first weapon to dragon and AA weapon as second, second is useless, because it seems to be bound to first. I understand it is not a bug, since it may be solved only by new feature. Instead of to have one targeter per entire unit, there could be several targeters, dedicated if not per turret, than at least per weapon type. Though first case is better: one time i decided to try dragon hover with two plasma cannons on last remains or enemy base. When first cannon got target in sight, hover stopped and fired. Second cannon hited directly to rock, which was enough close. With expected result :). If second weapon is indirect artillery, than it could target some more important target, located by another sensor (unit or tower) or just hidden by another structure, while primary - any other reachable.

Re: Support for multiple targets for multi-turret bodies.

Posted: 22 Oct 2019, 18:41
by nick87720z
One of turrets seems to affect possible targets range for entire unit. I tried, for fun, combo of primary hellstorm with secondary pulse laser. I tested it while trying defense line against nullbot (was curious, how long it needs to eventually break), and tried against horde, staying slightly out of defense sight.
When units, getting damage, retreated, hellstorm continued to target it, while pulse laser independently fired those, getting too close. When eventually some enemy vtols passed nearby, forward turret eventually fired to one of it, while hellstorm continued to bombard ground horde.

Of course, single hellstorm is not as strong as two, but there are cases when some weapons are better to be in one instance per unit to not make it helplessly slow (such as two plasma cannons or two plasma bombs, for which could be also good to have secondary rapid fire/AP weapons, making them somewhat more practical).

Re: Support for multiple targets for multi-turret bodies.

Posted: 27 Oct 2019, 06:37
by Per
The code does support multiple targets already, it is just written very badly.

Re: Support for multiple targets for multi-turret bodies.

Posted: 30 Oct 2019, 09:18
by nick87720z
Update. I just combo of two incompatible weapons - gauss gun (no air) and vindicator. Both weapons worked, but their placement affected, but only primary weapon's properties where assigned to unit, while secondary act on its own. There is also difference in first/second turret placement between ground/vtol props.

Thus, vtol dragon with forward laser and rear bombs, laser would be primary, which seems to be necessary for vtol, because its turrets don't fire while flying by.

For ground unit - rear vindicator becomes primary instead of gauss cannon. Effect is that when patrolling, it will stop or chase for AA, but ignore ground units, though gauss cannon will fire on its own everything in range. Looks like it only looks good with some tiny gun as secondary, like classig cannon+mg combo. As secondary is also not supposed to be heavy, probably only avenger or sunbirst are good for AA in this role. Not bad against rare vtols (as in case of bots, heh), but defending against serious air raids would make primary AA more practical. Though if primary weapon is not very big (e.g. AT missiles), it occupies same place as vindicator, with pretty good look (1st scourge + 2nd sandstorm). Though gauss instead of AT missiles looks better for AA-dedicated units, which need many HP to better stand air raids.