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Quad tracks and C&C Mammon Tank style turrets

Posted: 22 May 2018, 18:40
by Bethrezen
I know there has been some work done to implement walker units something a kin to the ones you see in later C&C games and I'm wondering if anyone has anyone ever considered adding quad tracks ? if you have ever played C&C 3 you will know the sort of think I'm thinking of.

quad tracks are a move advance version of regular tracks that are faster and more manoeuvrable even over rough terrain because each of the tracks can articulate independently which means quad tracked vehicles can go where few other vehicles can.

might also be fun to look at possibly making a mammoth tank style turret that has cannons for ground targets and maybe whirlwind mini guns or maybe Avenger SAM launchers to protect against vtols because one of the big things that always bugged me about Warzone is trying to protect my ground units from air attack and it would be nice if you could perhaps build some more advanced turrets that allow your ground units to shoot both ground and air targets.