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UI & UX Suggestions Thread 2018

Posted: 10 Feb 2018, 15:58
by OFelix
I'm going to start this thread so that I can put forward a few (very) minor enhancements I would like to see. I hope that others will add their own ideas! :-)

As stated in the subject this thread is focused on User Interface and User Experience improvements:

I suggest this thread should ** NOT ** cover:
  • Major changes of any type
    Features which used to exist but have been removed
    Bugs in existing features or code
    Changes to AI behaviour
    'Balancing' or difficulty
    Campaigns (i.e. narrative, triggers, time limits, difficulty etc)
    New units & buildings
    Anything that has been discussed at length elsewhere
In the hope that this thread is a great success I am going to number each suggestion as follows #001
Please follow on the numbering from the previous poster.

I look foward to hearing your ideas!

Re: UI & UX Suggestions Thread 2018

Posted: 10 Feb 2018, 16:02
by OFelix
#001 Rotating map - I often change the rotation or angle of the map by mistake. This could be avoided if the game options allowed me to say that holding down Ctrl whilst clicking the mouse was required to rotate.

#002 Reset Angle - I suggest that Ctrl + Backspace would reset the direction and angle to the default, at the moment pressing backspace resets the map to 'North'.

Remembering user selections - I play Skirmish games over and over. Every time I start a map again I have to repeat the selections I made the previous time. i.e. AI colours, AI players (e.g. nullbot), Difficulty (e.g. Insane). It would be great if:

#003 Game Options could include default AI Skirmish difficulty (so that I don't have to set every AI to Insane every time)

#004 Game Options could include default Skirmish AI colours. I play as orange and use the following colours for AI (Red, Green, Blue, Black, White, Purple, Pink, Cyan, Yellow) - because the yellow and orange are quite similar I avoid yellow unless there's no other choice.

#005 The user selections for a particular map could be saved and reloaded next time the map was selected. (This would make #005 less necessary since I'd only have to configure colours the first time a played a map)

#006 Whilst playing a skirmish game it is not possible/easy to confirm that you made the correct selection of AI engine and difficulty for each player. (e.g. If you are winning too easily and think you might have made a setup mistake!) The 'Battle Score Card' will show 'nullbot' as part of the AI name. It would be better if there were columns for AI engine name and Difficulty.

Re: UI & UX Suggestions Thread 2018

Posted: 11 Feb 2018, 15:37
by OFelix
#007 Object Achieved window - when you win a skirmish the only option on the pop up windows is Continue Game, it would seem more obvious for there to be 2 options (1) End Game (default) (2) Continue Game

#008 Object Achieved window - when you win a skirmish the clock does not stop so if you are trying to beat a personal best time you have to remember at the final second to look at the clock. The time is displayed but it continues to increment. Suggestion: put the final time in a static text field on the Object Achieved window.

#009 Keyboard does not function in Menus - you cannot navigate the menus using the arrow keys, enter, esc etc. (Yet once you are playing the keys do work - it's not a mouse only game!)