Radar ideas -

Ideas and suggestions for how to improve the Warzone 2100 base game only. Ideas for mods go in Mapping/Modding instead. Read sticky posts first!
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Radar ideas -

Post by jellyjazz » 29 Nov 2015, 02:06

Hi been a avid player since PSX version all those years ago and really happy this has been updated still after all these years. Keep it up, brilliant work. I try and egg people into playing this on every opportunity.

Anyways, I thought I'd chip in with some ideas -

I'd love to be able to click a radar and see an overlay of it's visual radius (a giant half sphere at about 20% opacity), even more the ability to move the center point or focus area to somewhere else within it's range would be brilliant. This way the radar prioritizes it's area of attack. This would apply also to vehicles also.

Command Centers
Rather than be a completely useless building, clicking on it will highlight every radar on the mini-map and each of their visual radius's. This will give an overview of the cover provided by them. Useful when yourself or a team mate throws down satellite up-link.

VTOL Engineers
It's very likely been mentioned before, and is probably a little overpowered off the hip. However if it's a slightly late tech tree perk (after Engineering mk3/Supercrete - Unlocking Aerial Engineering) it could work, and to amazing effect. Keeping it out of a weapon or vehicle tree maintains balance also, especially people chasing down the building path. So many unreachable elevated areas begging for hidden oil derricks, and of course radars or missile fortress's. If it could be implemented earlier it would wipe out the annoying dancing trucks, or trucks trapped by their own labour.

Whats Warzone coded in also? Where would you start if you wanted to contribute?
I'm a graphic designer/visual artist by trade so could chip in some graphics down the line too.


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Re: Radar ideas -

Post by trevormanaze » 21 Feb 2016, 23:40

I have the PSX version in file form. Looking to upload it to somewhere so Warzone 2100 users can emulate on PC with original Playstation1 image file and play warzone 1999 version on single player. I remember the PSX version had structure limits such as no building in a row with certain things. Very cool game.

The radar visibility feature used to exist. The button pressed was Z and would show you the max visible limit while looking at a sensory tower, u could figure out how far the sensor was illuminating.

Vtol engineers ? U could always build some cyborg trucks, put them in a transport and unload them anywhere on the map to build in high terrain levels.

U you are good with graphics, head over to the animation cut-scene thread and follow my thread in artwork regarding how to contribute with the manipulation of 3d objects from warzone converted into various forms.

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Re: Radar ideas -

Post by Rommel » 22 Feb 2016, 06:48

I like a lot of your ideas - especially manual targeting of sensor towers (that would be great). In regards to "Unlocking Aerial Engineering" - you can actually build transports which kind of do the same thing (but with more micro-management).
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Re: Radar ideas -

Post by Jorzi » 22 Feb 2016, 17:05

These ideas sound pretty good :)

You said you were a graphic designer, do you do 3d stuff as well?
Also, if you feel like making some concept art, it always speeds up the process. We're remaking the original models in higher definition with normal mapping & shading. Most of the weapons & units are done, but other models like landscape props & scavs are still largely untouched.
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