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Re: Warzone 2100 Liberation Day

Posted: 10 Dec 2010, 07:01
by Rman Virgil

Hey Cowboy, glad you posted those caps of DGO's evolution. It was such an crucial, vital, part of the mission, pre-liberation.

Here's the irony, the situation in MP hasn't really changed much. It's as bad as it ever was at MPlayer 10+ years ago.

But... there's a Member here called Terminator who is working on a Uni Project for his degree, kinda like how you did back in the day. I think his approach has a lot of promise for improving the current MP situation. If you're reading this maybe you can shoot over to his thread and take a look at what he's up to.

Here's the link: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4512&p=73531#p73531

Again, good to see ya bud. :) I take it your Bit Armory enterprise is going well for you. Excellent. :3

- Regards, Rman. :hmm: