We have a scoreboard ?

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What should we use for the scoreboard ?

Flags are nice!
I want to know what my enemies are doing!
I rather have something else (explain)
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Re: We have a scoreboard ?

Post by NoQ » 16 Oct 2010, 06:04

3drts wrote:But many strategy games are plagued by people crying about being rushed, I'm not sure an "anti-rush feature" (or at least "possible rush forming - feature") should be removed.
When a rusher builds his first tank, he usually already has two factories. If you have only one, and the map is small enough, you're already dead by that time. Do i miss the point? (expecting :stressed: :stressed: :stressed: here, 'cause i'm not competent enough for this discussion)

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Re: We have a scoreboard ?

Post by alto1234 » 16 Oct 2010, 07:38

hao wrote: Do i miss the point? (expecting :stressed: :stressed: :stressed: here, 'cause i'm not competent enough for this discussion)
you're more than competent

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Re: We have a scoreboard ?

Post by 3drts » 16 Oct 2010, 12:26

On low oil, yes, this is a problem.
As low oil is all about securing oil, I pretty much always go for an early mg viper spam, maybe not for a base rush, but an attempt to secure the lions share of the oil.
I'd also put up more than 1 fac, just to make more trucks to get that oil - also finding power drums is a significant source of power early on in low oil, more units fanning out to get power sources= more barrels found.

1 factory is not a viable strategy under any setting as far as I am concerned.
I was mainly talking about high oil maps, where I'll just make trucks until I have my base set up, or I see the enemy has units - if the enemy has 5 facs, and I only have 3, with the amount of trucks I have, I can have 2 more up in no time, and by the time their first-production-run units get to me, my first production run will be done.

It can *help* prepare for a rush before its too late, but you should still have to put in some preparation for a rush, even if one never comes. Much like if you see VTOLs being made, and you haven't researched any AA, the warning is probably too late.
Although if your enemy starts timidly (with say 1 light vtol factory making units), you have a chance with just lancer borgs, or flak cannons (if you went with the cannon line), etc.
If your enemy already has 5 fully upgraded vtol factories, NP bodies and re arming upgrades+pads, and HEAP/Thermite bombs, before making the first VTOL, and you don't even have hurricane AA, the warning from the player screen is far too late.

Its not cheating, its unrealistic, but its a game.
The only question I see, is if its anti-rush use, is enough to justify keeping it in, when it also gives away alot of other information (such as what weapon/body techs they have- if you see a Mantis body, you can assume they have, or can readily have VTOLs).

I am in favor of removing it, but I expect early game rushes to become even more common/effective as a result.

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Re: We have a scoreboard ?

Post by Terminator » 16 Oct 2010, 12:56

I voted for flags. But it would be nice to see there an User custom avatars.

btw scoreboard still(2.3.5) don't shows a stats info. :(
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