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What was that weapon?

Posted: 08 Apr 2007, 21:28
by eyestrain92
I remember playing WZ to the last level on my playstation, and attacking right? Well right as soon as I enter the base, I'm being barraged by fireballs (Not arty shells) that are tearing my units to pieces. I eventually find the weapon but cannot research, build or identify it. Can someone clarify what this is, or if it still exsists in the comp version?

Re: What was that weapon?

Posted: 08 Apr 2007, 22:07
by Radiosity
That was Nexus' plasma cannon bunker. It's not available to build unless you use the cheats (the ones that require you to use a second pad.)

Re: What was that weapon?

Posted: 09 Apr 2007, 23:20
by Solitaire
I wonder what the code was like for that mess... after all there are two Plasma Cannons in WZ, but the playable one is actually more like a horrendously oversized and overpowered flamethrower, the unplayable Nexus one an uber-version of the Incendiary Howie.

Re: What was that weapon?

Posted: 10 Apr 2007, 06:14
by lav_coyote25
you can have a map maker put some in map for you - or you can make your own map and place them inside...keeping in mind that that cannon can only be used on a full 250 by 250 mapĀ  - as its coverage is just about 3/4 of the map.

Structure "NX-Emp-Plasma-Pit" "*NX-Emp-Plasma-Pit*"