Original Warzone 2100

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Original Warzone 2100

Post by Oblivionburn » 23 Jul 2016, 17:57

Since the original full game (v1.10) is rather difficult to find these days, figured I would upload it for anyone interested in experiencing it. Surprisingly, it still runs great (tested on Windows 10 64-bit).

This includes all cutscenes, full campaign, no CDs required. The music doesn't seem to work in-game, though, which is a shame... but it's still included for those wanting to run it in the background.

Just download, install and enjoy :)

*removed link*
We have no way of knowing the authenticity of said file, nor can we be sure it didn't contain any extra payload in it (malware / virus/ whatever).

Thus, we have removed the link.
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Re: Original Warzone 2100

Post by Jorzi » 27 Jul 2016, 15:58

Works surprisingly well.
Only now do I realize how much the graphics have really improved, which reminds me: please bring back the dusty orange mist :)
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Re: Original Warzone 2100

Post by NoQ » 27 Jul 2016, 16:50

Jorzi wrote:which reminds me: please bring back the dusty orange mist :)
#4292 is the only thing we have on this topic.

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