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Hello :)

Post by REZ » 30 Jan 2021, 17:22


ancient times ago I was into Warzone gaming.
From time to time I did use to play it.
Very impressed I am, what has been created out of the original source code (Where we submitted the petition for giving it free).
What a progress.
Great work to all, that were working on this project of evolving Warzone.
To me, it was and it is still the favourite of all Games.
So I did a movie on it, ancient times ago.
Way off HD. Captured with the S-Video out and in my Camcorder. OldSchool :)


My focus today is on Game Development and digital Arts.
I am into Unreal Engine and assosiated Tools.
I do it for my own fun.

Keep up the great work :)
And keep enjoying this amazing and awesome game Warzone 2100 :)


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