Make Warzone 2100 version 2.2 better!

Warzone 2.2.x series. (Unsupported--read only !)
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Make Warzone 2100 version 2.2 better!

Post by Buginator » 01 May 2009, 06:35

Please test out the newest version of warzone 2100, 2.2 Release Candidate 1 !

It is almost time to do a official release.

We need feedback about this important release, it will be the LAST release version that should be playable on low end hardware.
(Note, I am talking about Geforce 5/6 or higher, or ATI/AMD Radeon 9500/9600 or better. Those are the recommended cards, not the minimum requirements for the game.)

All feedback about 2.2 should be posted here:

Report all bugs here:

Download it here:

Thanks for your help!

Remember folks, we have changed the ports, they are 9990 (master (lobby) server) and 2100 (game server).
Go here and configure your router / FW:
Then use to check if you did it right...
and it ends here.