Does everyone want a more stable game or not?

Warzone 2.2.x series. (Unsupported--read only !)
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Does everyone want a more stable game or not?

Post by Buginator » 22 Apr 2009, 05:13

Yeah, that is a silly question.

Problem is, if people don't report bugs from 2.2beta builds, then how the heck do you think it will get fixed? By magic? :stressed:
Beta builds are *supposed* to crash (assert) on errors. THAT is how things get fixed.
Release builds don't crash as often, since the asserts are turned off. The issue is still there though!

Don't assume other people will report it, since it is very obvious, that the vast majority of the people don't. :stare:

All you see on IRC is b*tching about how the game crashed or what not, and then those same people don't bother submitting bug reports on the matter. :scream:

For the people that *do* send the required information, then those bugs are usually fixed quite quickly, and we thank you for doing it! :3

It isn't very hard, nor do you need to be logged in to make a bug report. Just go here:
Give as much details as possible, what you did at the time, and if you can replicate it.
Screen shots of the issue would be nice. (hit F10).
Savegames that can replicate the issue is very nice. (zip/rar & savegamename.gam & everything in the savegamename directory)
List your hardware, the OS, and which language you play the game in.

If you see people post problems on other areas of the forum, then point them to this topic.

and it ends here.