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Building Limits (confused)

Posted: 02 Sep 2011, 21:18
by Icechisel

I am actually playing the PS1 version of the game, and I have encountered a frustrating problem. I am on Campaign Beta 4, "Urban 4" on my game, and I am working on a base. I was told I reached the structure capacity while I was trying to build a CB radar turret and also when I was trying to create a chain of plain concrete walls. I destroyed about 4 Hardpoints, and maybe some other things, I don't entirely remember, but I was still unable to build. :augh: Can someone please explain the structure limit to me?



Re: Building Limits (confused)

Posted: 03 Sep 2011, 08:10
by vexed
PSX ? Moving thread to 1.x
What do you mean explain the structure limit ? You want to know how many structures you can build before you hit the limit ?
If so .. um.. no idea, I assume less than the 1.x version though. :)

Re: Building Limits (confused)

Posted: 05 Sep 2011, 03:51
by Icechisel
Actually, my game saves specify versions. The highest I've seen is 2.0.

I destroyed rows of concrete walls and was able to build again.

But the thing that really confounded me was that destroying 4 hardpoints still didn't allow for the construction of a CB tower. I bet different structures have different "weights" based on how much processing is involved with their functions.

Hardpoint: "Something comes nearby and I shoot it til it's dead. Yay!"
CB (or any sensor) tower:"Something comes nearby and I tell an unlimited number of units to shoot it til it's dead. Super Yay!" (A lot more "Weight" can be involved so an acommodation is made by limiting the structure count)

Re: Building Limits (confused)

Posted: 05 Sep 2011, 03:55
by Icechisel
Never mind the version number thing. I misread it. I think the number I was looking at identifies series of missions I am on (1,2,3 -> Alpha, Beta, Gamma)