Warzone: Problem with Multiplayer

Warzone 1.x series. (Aka retail version) (Unsupported!)
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Warzone: Problem with Multiplayer

Post by Bruta » 26 Nov 2010, 00:49

So, me and and my friend play the old version of warzone, which is version 1.10
We played the game on multiplayer through two computers, connected to each other through a ethernet cord.
We played this way perfectly fine for a while, until recently.

At this point in time , we have got on warzone, connected through the internet to play two player with each other.
We can host and join a game just fine, but when the person hosting the game clicks "OK" the start the game, one of the computers has a problem, while the other computer works fine.

I get this message:

Warzone.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close

Can anyone out there help me with this problem, I would really appreciate it.

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Re: Warzone: Problem with Multiplayer

Post by Dalton » 26 Nov 2010, 00:54

Did you try reinstalling, or crazy idea, the current version? :wink:

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