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About news notification

Post by leillo1975 » 24 Oct 2017, 16:59


I don't know if this subforum is the right place to post this message. If not, feel free to move it where you feel it is necessary.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I'm leillo1975 and I write in https://jugandoenlinux.com . We write reviews, previews, articles, tests... about everything related to video games in Linux/SteamOS and we target to all the spanish speaking countries (Spain and Latin America) . If you want, you can visit us. Our readers telegram community (https://t.me/jugandoenlinux) plays your game frecuently, and they are very interested in all the news about your game. We just published an article today, you can see it here: https://jugandoenlinux.com/index.php/ho ... con-vulkan

I see that you have a twitter account (@warzone2100) , but the last tweet have some years. Twitter is a good source to see the software announcements. Can you take an eye on this communication medium?

Thanks a lot and keep your efforts in your awesome game. :wink:

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