Can't recover password

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Can't recover password

Post by Tucalipe_Guest » 09 Dec 2016, 06:01

Hey. I'm having issues recovering my password. I've asked for a new password to be sent to my email, but there's nothing there, not even on the spam folder... What gives?

Also, the reason I'm recovering my password is to get back at translating the game as well ask why my menu is missing? I've just fresh-installed the latest version (322) and now my main menu is missing. As I hover my mouse, I can hear the bleeps as it moves over the menu entries, but there's nothing there... Help? =)

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Re: Can't recover password

Post by vexed » 14 Dec 2016, 04:37

Check the spam box.
All I know is, the forum software IS sending the mail from looking at the logs.
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