(Ingame Music) Pouso-G - Dark Spirits

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(Ingame Music) Pouso-G - Dark Spirits

Post by Powzone » 27 Jun 2010, 00:30

There we go... :D

As promised about 2 weeks ago, here's a new track to add to the playlist! I wasn't convinced until I tried it in the game. :D Well I'm still studying stuff about solar energy and will graduate on next friday... :lecture:

Licence is GPL.

All samples used a available for free or are included in FL Studio!

Download: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=3074&p=34984#p34984

Source: [The source was lost due to an FBI intervention!]
No need to decompress the file! Just go to "File -> Import...". ;)


- FL Studio 7.0 or higher
- Cheese Machine
Freeware VST from "Big Tick Audio" http://www.bigtickaudio.com/bigtick/goodies (Free registration required!)
- Ganymed
Freeware VST from "Stefan Jeworowski" http://www.vstplanet.com/Instruments/VS ... zers15.htm
- subatomic
Freeware VST from "de la Mancha" http://www.delamancha.co.uk/subatomic.htm
- Umbra Free
Freeware VTS from "H.G. Fortune" http://www.vstplanet.com/Instruments/VS ... .htm#Umbra

Just throw the VSTs into your VST folder and everything schould work fine! Habe fun with it!! :geek:

EDIT: Just that tired, that I needed to edit this 3 times and forgot about the Cheese Machine!! :D
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