3.0-beta 4 is now released!

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Re: 3.0-beta 4 is now released!

Post by Saberuneko »

andeemac2006 wrote:There has been a lot of People that have problems of the Game not starting let alone Freezing the PC I keep up with Nvidia and have played 7 different versions of Warzone perfectly on Vista

Nobody has announced why Your site was down in 2011 early January and my game stopped Playing in 2011 any coincidence
You have a major Problem with me, I have to Push the Off switch to shut the PC down !!!!! which is not very good at all , when I try to launch your game ,,,,,any version,, and my Video card series 9 Nvidia is fine
Calm down and post about your problem properly.
First, give the logs of when your game gone down, also ensuere not only that the VC is fine, also ensure that your drivers are up to date.

andeemac2006 wrote:Glad to see that a mod is reading our Posts /// NOT !!

Beta doesent work... earlier versions do on 64 Bit vista
You just replied that after me like if I was a mod. And I'm not. :P I'm just a translator, I only know about how to make translations of the game, nothing else...

And, again... please, be a little patient, you know? I gone "mad" like you a pair of times, and then realized that just ranting isn't constructive at all. Post logs, and organize the problem:
1. What was witnessed.
2. What was expected.
3. Reproduction Steps.
4. Attach related logs, saves, any other extra data...
This usually helps more. Specify all what you can about your computer specs too. It might help to find the problem.

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Re: 3.0-beta 4 is now released!

Post by JustLooking2 »

kipman725 wrote:I have a number of issues with this build in single player skirmish:
1. During loading the game changes rapidly from one music track to the next
2. loading takes much longer than the latest stable

I am using xp 32bit sp3
I've noticed these, too.
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Re: 3.0-beta 4 is now released!

Post by cybersphinx »

kipman725 wrote:2. loading takes much longer than the latest stable
It has to load much more textures (all the increase in size compared to 2.3 comes from the new larger textures). And if your system can't handle them in their default size and you have reduced the texture size in the options, they have to be rescaled, which takes even more time.
andeemac2006 wrote:Beta doesent work... earlier versions do on 64 Bit vista
And yes, if 2.3 works on your system, but 3.0/master don't, you need better graphics drivers (or hardware).
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Re: 3.0-beta 4 is now released!

Post by Buginator »

At this juncture, 3.0-beta 4 is now on hiatus.
Please test the "master" builds instead.

We don't need bug reports for 3.0-beta 1-4 anymore. Thanks for testing!
and it ends here.